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Global Warming (Research Paper Sample)


Task: Answer the question, “What can an individual do about global warming?” Word Count: 400 Referencing Style: Coventry university HARVARD This paper explains different steps that individuals can take to combat global warming


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What can an individual do about global warming?
There is a direct connection between global warming and universal sea levels, which have risen by more than eight inches since 1870 (Clarke, 2010: 209). Although different lobby groups are continually looking for ways to avert the effects of climate change, there is a general agreement that individual input is also pertinent. This essay examines three contributions that individuals can make to combat global warming namely; energy conservation, tree planting and educating the community.
Anyone can take part in mitigating global warming through simple steps like using energy efficient appliances. Gardiner, Simon and Jamieson et al., explain that routine human activities such as burning fossil fuels for transportation, heat and electricity, emit tons of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (2010: 144). Driving energy efficient vehicles, replacing regular 60-watt bulbs with LED lighting and installing solar water heaters are some actions that individuals can take to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, UEPA, reveals, more than 200 coal stations can be decommissioned if Americans reduce their power usage by only 25% (2015).
Planting trees is another sustainable personal activity that can significantly help to fight global warming. Trees are a major part of the atmospheric cycle since they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere, as discussed by Clarke (2010: 211-212). A typical tree can absorb more than 40 pounds of carbon dioxide annually and about 1 ton by the time it reaches 50 years old (Kent 2009). It is hence undeniable that if every individual in the world decides to fight illegal logging and promote tree planting, the atmosphere will soon have an acceptable amount of carbon dioxide.
Lastly, one can choose to teach friends, family and co-workers about global warming. It is a known fact that education can overwhelmingly impact on the society’s response to climate change (UEPA 2015). Many people will become environmentally responsible if they learn the importance of conserving the ecological system as argued by Cripps (2013). Simple knowledge such as recycling household waste and conservation of energy can be taught easily to anyone. Individuals can also join environmental lobby groups in their neighborhoods or read books that teach about global warming.
There is no exaggeration in arguing that ...
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