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Evaluating Slinger's Contention that Television Values are Antithetical to Religious Values. (Research Paper Sample)


the task was about evaluating the media -religion relationship. specifically it asks to evaluate SINGER'S contention that television values are antithetical to religious values.The sample is about this media-religion connection.


Evaluating Slinger’s Contention that Television Values Are Antithetical to Religious Values
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In line with this week’s lecture and the discussion question: “Commentators like Peg Slinger, suggest that the predominant values of television are inherently antithetical to religious values. Do you agree?”, it is only proper to delve deeper into the roots of Slinger’s argument if understanding her view is any point to go by. However, arguments from other scholars such as Postman, Newman, Muggeridge, and Goethals reveal that there are a variety of perspectives from, which to consider Slinger’s view point. As such, it would be quite unwise to either reject or concur with her arguments without first appreciating the possibility of having a number of viewpoints on the subject.
Firstly, it is important to underscore Slinger’s main argument, which postulates that television commercials are responsible for propagating values that apparently go against beliefs that characterize mainstream religion. Slinger (1993, p. 199) opines that the little messages of television commercials that frequent the screen “implant their imagery” on the audience’s minds thus having a long-lasting negative effect on the audience. 

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