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The Degree of Investment Risk Tolerance of the Students (Research Paper Sample)



To determine the degree of investment risk tolerance of the students


This research covered international students from City College Plymouth where the total number of students who participated was 86. The student were chosen randomly and consisted of 73 Chinese, 11 with mixed nationality and two refused to answer the questionnaire. The dependent variable studied was the investment risk tolerance of international students and how it was affected by the students’ gender, nationality and age. The quality of research done was perfect as it gave the correct information and used both the empirical and interpretive research methods. Empirical research has been used since a huge sample is applied to carry out this research to represent the entire population (Owens, 2007). This is because a single sample cannot be used to accurately represent the entire population. Interpretive research approach was been applied in this research to achieve a high quality result as it took a long time to do the observation over a two months period. This is so because there was need to identify the most experienced students who had stayed in the college for long to give very accurate information (Biddle and Emmett, 2011). Furthermore, descriptive information was given in written form as answers to the questions which inductively provided solutions to the research question, in prose without any restrictions to the representative sample for instance a sample can be small or large in terms of the people involved because this approach uses interactive mode (International Journal of Social Research Methodology: Theory & Practice, 2012). Deductive analysis has been used since most of the answers given in the research questionnaire were analyzed and the irrelevant answer were eliminated in coming up with the final conclusions. Inductive research approach was also included where the interviewee add information such as date the class was attended, the gender of persons been interviewed and many other factors (Guthrie, 2010).
Many research methods were used in this research such as administering questionnaires, taking samples from the population, doing both true or real experiments and quasi experiments, observing the target population, interviewing students in the institution. The reason for conducting this research was to determine how investment risk influences the investors’ course of action. These questionnaires served as a data collection tool. Furthermore, these questionnaires acted as an important evidence of the report given to substantiate it sincerity and truth (Nam, 2015).
To determine the degree of investment risk tolerance of the students’ questionnaires were administered at random to students in different departments in the institution. This gave a very clear picture of how the students felt about their learning environment, attitude toward the investment risk tolerance. This assisted the research team to determine which investment opportunities were considered to be more risky than the others and also how investors’ decision may be influenced by the degree of risk associated with them (ANNEX B: RESEARCH INTERVIEWS, 2011).
The observation made for over a period of two months gave a lot of insight on the issues regarding investment and risk. Some of the observation technics included regular visits to classes, board meetings, student demonstrations, disciplinary committees, student campaign meeting, and senate meeting among many others where the spending and investing nature of the students. Through attending such occasions, it was easy to make some observation about the students’ behavior, and how it influenced their investment decisions. (Crabtree and Miller, 1992).
Questionnaires were also used in this research where very specific questions were administered to the students and the staff. They were administered in a private manner through personal computers so as to make the students comfortable and obtain the most accurate and general feeling of the students towards the investment risk tolerance. However, the questionnaires administered to the students were used to determine the students’ investment risk tolerance under given situations. These situations present investment opportunities with varying degree of risk and returns.
The data collection method adopted has both limitations and merits as experienced in the course of the ...
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