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McDonalds Company Analysis Accounting, Finance, SPSS Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The task was to perform a critical analysis of mcdonalds based on several aspects namely financial analysis, organizational analysis, marketing strategy, and strategic alternatives.
based on the analysis, i was tasked with presenting a strategic recommendation to the company's management.


Executive Summary
McDonalds is a United States domiciled company, founded in 1940, but has since expanded operations into over 100 countries, serving more than 69 million daily customers. For the last five years, the hallmark of McDonalds’ challenges has been a decline in revenue, thereby impairing its profit margins. Additionally, the company’s liquidity ratios point to the fact that the company’s liabilities are more than the assets, thereby impairing the going concern quality. Concerning long term solvency, the increased accumulation of debt without proportionate accumulation of debts has created a negative equity position meaning that the shareholders have a negative residual claim of the company’s assets. The divisional organizational structure of the company is plausible and allows the company’s franchisees to operate with a significant degree of autonomy. Two primary recommendations can help the company revitalizes its sales namely vertical integration and gas station integration. Simultaneous implementation of these strategies will help to boost the company’s sales.
McDonalds Company Analysis
Introduction and Overview of the Company
McDonalds is a multinational company domiciled in the United States. The company was founded in 1940 and as a restaurant in California, United States. Over the years, McDonalds has experienced exponential growth to become one of the largest fast-food companies in the world. Currently, McDonalds is the largest fast-food company as measure by revenue. Further, the company serves over 69 million customers daily in 37,855 outlets spread across over 100 countries. The company is listed at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) making it a public company under the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Despite the significant global presence and the competitive edge accumulated over the years, it is important to conduct a company analysis. The analysis strives to understand the financial, organizational, marketing and strategic positions of the company with a prospect to make a recommendation for the company to enhance its competitive advantage and improve revenueare the corporate leaders composed o

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