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Arata Isozaki Style of Achitecture and Building in Japan (Research Paper Sample)


My Second Sample in Architecture, Building and Planning.


Isozaki Style
The art of design has been in existence since time immemorial. Since the 20th century Japanese designers have attempted to blend the native traditions with the western forms, materials, and technologies. The Isozaki’s style has been a series of models that has come as a response to these forces. As a young architect, Isozaki was identified as a metabolism and a movement founded in Japan way back in 1960. Nevertheless, Isozaki’s work has featured in dramatical forms made possible via the employment of steel and concrete but not limited to aesthetically by those materials.
It is out of Isozaki’s architectural experience that today’s modern building plans are built. Much of his work has been borrowed and implemented from his own themes. His work has been reflected not only in Japan but in other regions of the world. His Los Angeles county museum of the contemporary act may be the best known structure by a Japanese designer in America.
The basic idea in architecture and design is to formulate the concept and express it in a formal language; which requires a particular material, the space and the straightforwardness. Design ideas, design methods, design materials and spatial design are all the successful designers’ series that gathers the fundamental topics of architectural design all together.
About the Architect
Isozaki was born Japan in the year 1931. He learnt at the University of Tokyo under the guidance of Kenso Tange. The architect established his firm in 1963. In the late nineteenth century most of Isizaki’s works were inspired by the school of metabolism. There is a sense of mannerism in the structural design of works done by Isozaki. The architect invented the concept of core system that became important in the movement called metabolism. Recent works done by this architect are more inspired by self designs and resemble a great deal from other architectural designs.
The architect has borrowed from a wide range of other vital works such as Marcel Cuchamp, Archigram and the famous Vienna Secession. Isozaki is seen as a writer and developer of theories. The architect plays an important role in interpreting foreign trends to designers from Japan. Among the works done by Isozaki two are outstanding. The first notable piece of art created by this architect is Disney Headquarters built in the year 1990. The second valuable creation of Isozaki is the Gunma Museum of Fine Arts created in the year 1971. There have been proposals on how to stage the play Right you are if you think you are. The main focus of this paper will be to provide the circular stage and where the audience would be seated during the exhibition of this play.
About the play
The play Right you are if you think you are is a literary work by Luigi Pirandello. The play is an adaptation of the author’s earlier collection of short stories. The play is adapted from the story Signora Flora and Signer Ponza. The short story was written by the author’s son in law in the year 1915. The story is a narration of a collection of truths presented as a set of conflicts. Each character in this work gives an intriguing version of truth and dismisses the adversary as a mad person. The play focuses on establishing how fantasy and reality meet. In this work this work the author tries to establish who among the characters is mad or not. The town dwellers in this play focus on determining reality and fantasy.
In the play Signora Frola narrates that the son in law grew mad when the daughter (the son in-law’s wife) died in a period of four years behind. The son in law decided to remarry but constantly fantasizes about the old wife. Ponza alleges that Signora Frola denies the daughter’s death and believes that the second wife has reincarnated in her daughter who is alive. This play has been noted to contrast realism and art. The play also works to demonstrate the fact that truth is subjective and relative. In the play for example two characters Signor Flora and Signor Ponza have never been seen together.
A councillor by the name Agazzi is seen investigating the life of Ponza. Ponza alleges that his current wife is the second wife. According to Ponza the first wife died during an earthquake that destroyed all the documents he could use to verify some important facts. Ponza’s wife pretends to be the daughter of Signora Frola. The wife of Ponza fools Signora Frola for she believes that the lady is mad. When Agazzi the councillor summons Ponza’s wife she still insists that she is both the daughter of Signora Frola and the wife of Ponza. The play therefore depicts a scenario of total mystery.
Truth in this play remains really elusive with characters playing stupid games of who is right or wrong. The play is a portrait of reality and artistic styles trying to fuse together under a common point. The works of Isozaki would therefore provide a very noble opportunity for the showcase of this play in front of an audience. The paper will discuss an analysis of Disney Headquarters and Gunma Museum of Fine Arts. There will be an analysis of the two buildings in terms of aspects such as circulation, structure, hierarchy of spaces in relation to how the play Right you are if you think are can be staged .Venue: “If You Are, by Luigi Pirandello was produced in 1917 and was published in 1918. The other variations that differ slightly from “Right you are if you think you are’’ is “Right Your Are (If You Think You Think So),” among others. Pirandello thinks that plays are always truthful relative to the subject in one way or the other.
Quite a good a number have not found out the fact that Pirandello’s plays had some sort of truth in there circles. Kind of like, they had life and contrast, while at the same time being on the verge of distinguishing between relative and subjective. The plat indicates that there is no single man who has ever seen the mother or the wife of Ponza. To the extremist of the best description of Ponza’s wife, we can come up with the fact that no one in the village could match the prowess of Ponza in dealing with the tricks that had been garnered by the security overheads in tackling the security demands of the community.
Walt Disney Concert Hall
The Walt Disney Concert hall is situated on the Bunker Hill in Los Angeles. The design of this hall is a representation of Architect Isozaki. Most of the forms of this work are external and defy the norms of symmetry and harmony. The building is a shell made up of stones and a collection of organic materials covered with corrugated steel. Glazed finishing is used to link different layers of the building. The external of the building resembles a boat with drenched sails. The inside of the building gives a representation of the slow pace of a boat. The arch...
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