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Paclitaxel Loaded PEGylated Soy Lecithin Liposome Biomedical Research (Research Paper Sample)


The task was to summarize a study that investigated the biochemical characteristics of PEGylated Soy Lecithin Liposomes.
The sample is about the methods that were used to prepare PEGYLATED soy lecithin liposomes, the results, and implications in the development of advanced drug delivery systems. The analysis is backed by relevant journal articles.


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Paclitaxel Loaded PEGylated Soy Lecithin Liposome
Background. Since its discovery in 1962, Paclitaxel has been widely used in chemotherapy during the treatment of various cancers. However, its clinical application is limited by poor solubility in water, low biocompatibility, and high toxicity. The incorporation of PTX in PEGylated soy lecithin liposomes is a potential way of overcoming the limitations associated with PTX in cancer therapy.
Method. A potential soy lecithin liposome delivery system for PTX was successfully developed using natural soy lecithin and cholesterol. Thin film hydration technique was applied to incorporate PTX in PEGylated soy lecithin liposomes. The resultant liposomes were then characterized to determine the particle size, polydispersity index, shape, and surface charge.
Results: The PTX-lips were spherical with a size range of 85 ± 0.3 nm and a negative surface charge of -44.7 ± 1.1 mV. Polydispersity measurements showed a range of 0.338 ± 0.01. Besides, a sustained drug release profile of 72 hours and encapsulation efficiency of 74.52 ± 0.09 was recorded.
Conclusion. The efficient drug loading and stable release of PTX represent a promising PTX delivery system in cancer therapy.

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