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China Analysis Paper: Government And Political Factors (Research Paper Sample)


The writer of this paper needs to pick a major country (Japan, China, England, etc.) and do research on only one country. It needs to be 6 pages and answer each question/bullet point that is on the instruction paper. If you have any questions at all, please call me at 512-289-1620.


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China analysis paper
China is one of the most populous countries of this world.  The country is situated to the eastern side of the continent Asia. According to the geography of the country, the eastern and southern parts are the most productive in terms of agricultural output as well as the largest proportion of the Chinese population. The other sides of the country are characterized by basins and rolling plateaus. These features lower the agricultural potential of the country towards the western and the northern side. The country covers more than nine million square kilometers in terms of the area. Various physical features are found in the country including rivers and hills (Webber 593). The largest area of the country's topography is usually mountainous. The country has about fifty-six ethnic groups with about seven different dialects. However, the languages mostly taught in China include Chinese, Tibetan, Uyghur, Mongolian and Zhuang. Mandarin Chinese is the most popular official language in the country. However, most autonomous regions have their own official languages for their regions (Sheng et al. 7).
China as a country is also popular for being the country with the largest population worldwide. In fact, it contributes an approximate of the sixth of the total population worldwide. The population density in the country is 147 per square km. according to the latest estimates by the United Nations. Moreover, the largest proportion of this population lives in the urban areas. Despite these facts, the country also doesn't lag behind in terms of natural resources. This means that the country has very many resources of commercial importance (Webber 587). There are significant reserves of mineral resources such as coal, mercury, copper, tin and fluorspar among others. This results in a large supply of products to the outside world. In addition to mineral resources, there is also a variety of different landforms that contribute to the agricultural potential of the country. This is mostly towards the east and south of the country where topography and climate favor agricultural production.
Chinese culture
The cultural aspect in China is influenced by both ethnicity and geographical location of people across the country. According to anthropologists, people within a particular community in the country come up with their own culture. It is this culture that dictates how different groups of individuals behave and interact. The culture is broken into smaller elements such as religion, morals and values as well as social structure among other aspects (Piotroski et al. 235). The country is thus referred as a multi-cultural owing to this fact of numerous cultural groups.
This country is known for having a unique characteristic in terms of the social values. On this ground, there are two main schools of thought referred to as Taoism and Confucianism. These are the most influential philosophical schools. However, there is always a conflict between philosophies of these schools of thoughts which has resulted in debates on which school to trust. As a result, other concepts like Buddhism have emerged. Despite the fact that China is a multi-religion country, Confucianism has gained greater popularity over the rest making it the soul of the Chinese culture. It is the most indigenous religion above Buddhism which takes the second rank. Earlier before, it was believed that this country was dominated by atheists. However, recent surveys have indicated otherwise showing more than 80% of the population having religion beliefs.
Other important aspects of culture include the festival celebrated by the inhabitants of a given country. In China, for instance, there are several of them celebrated by different groups in different ways (Piotroski et al. 229). The most popular include the New Year and mid-autumn festivals. Arts are also a significant feature including sculptures and paintings. The diverse cultural aspect in China has contributed to its being named the largest exporter in value terms of cultural goods in the world recently. The cultural goods and services exported include jewelry, crafts and artifacts.
Ethical issues
Ethical issues in China play a significant role in the business environment of china in a way that they cannot be undermined.  It is this ethical issue aspect that dictates the code of conduct in the business sector thereby seeking government attention. However, there are different issues that are addressed in this sector. Among the issues include aspects such as pollution control measures, corruption and bribery issues and the support of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) (Yin et al. 305). These issues are very present in the Chinese market attracting the interest of studying the current situation in the market.
The spotlight in the Chinese market has shown great interest in studying the performance of companies in the light of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The corporate social responsibility is the aspects that enable companies operate efficiently in whichever environment. In China, it is not the consumers that drive corporate responsibility but instead, state-owned enterprises play

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