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Marketing 2 (Research Paper Sample)



Running Head: Marketing
In any given business, it is necessary that all the elements of marketing are competently understood so that it may be possible to achieve the highest rate of stock turn over. In order to achieve this, research work is absolutely necessary since it does provide the necessary understanding which has to be put in place within the business operations. In that case, there should be gauging of different factors in the business such as the scale reliability and validity which is an important element of research for the business performances and its management as well. The profitability of the business is measured so as to make it possible to achieve performance within the given business organization, and within the given time frame (Sullivan & Steven 43).
Depending on the nature of the business, different measures can be put in place in an effort to improving its performance. This ranges from all business operations within the organization, and especially with the purposeful implication of improving business sales and marketing operations (Sloman 46). Studies can as well be done in understanding the different trends which have been displayed by the customers and possible stakeholders of the business. This becomes a very holistic approach which has the ability of improving the sales of business organization. Studies can as well be done in establishing the purchasing decisions and patterns which are displayed by the customers and other stakeholders in the business. It has to be effectively remembered that the role of any given business is in the making of profits, and the main reason why all the operations which has to be done in the business, has to be aimed in the sole element of marketing. The main thing that should be known is that, all business should be able to conduct studies in which the major and profitable marketing operations might be adopted for effective business performance (Sullivan & Steven 48).
While doing the above, there is the necessity of having all individuals and players in the business mentored positively so that they may be able to achieve proper business marketing operations which have the capability of leading to increased profits of the business. In marketing, all approaches which can be effective should be employed since they shall help in the realization of the high profits (Sloman 53). Some concepts and organizational implications and designs should as well be adopted in the business since they have the effectiveness of promoting the operations in the marketing process, and thus improving the realization of profits.
Some different models have as well been adopted which have been capable to show improved performance with most of the b...
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