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Marketing. Organizational Buying Process. Functional Areas in Organizational Buying (Research Paper Sample)


marketing. 1. Organizational Buying Process 2.Functional Areas in Organizational Buying 3.Understanding cultural impact on consumer behavior 4. Decision influences

Marketing involves the pursuance of consumers by producers in order for them to purchase the goods and services that the producers are offering them.
• Organizational Buying Process
The buying process by a consumer is dependent on various influences including social, marketing, situational and psychological influences. The consumer decision making is dependent on these influences either directly or indirectly. This is based on the fact consumer behavior is subject to the information that consumers are in a position to get (Wright, 2008).
• Functional Areas in Organizational Buying
When an organization is coming up with a product, it is vital to consider some of the important aspects of the product such as its design and development so that it is appealing to the consumer. The production process must ensure that the product’s quality is maintained. Upon completion of production, the product must be widely marketed and maintained in order to encourage consumers to purchase.
• Understanding cultural impact on consumer behavior
Cultural practices are extremely vital in the choices that consumers make. This is because of the need of conformity to these beliefs. Cultural practices have a huge influence on individual needs. These influences are assed on through family, religious organizations and educational institutions. In order to serve a larger market, marketing managers should adapt a marketing mix that addresses cultural values. They should also constantly adjust both locally and globally (Pride & Ferrell, 2006).
• Decision influences
Marketing managers must also seek to address the various decision influences that affect consumer behavior. It is important to differentiate products from the competitors, and also consider the pricing such that it suites the consumers. Promotions should also be carried out to ensure that the consumers are well aware of the availability of the products. Finally, the products must also be within reach of the consumers.
Naila owns a distributor company of different product line ranging from toothpaste, bath soap, and facial products. Her company is already earning much in terms of sales. As a matter of fact, her company has earned AED 1.1 million in a month operating within UAE.
A professional ally advised her that her success right now is temporary since there is an absence of determining the characteristics of target buyer before the launching of her products.
Finance is not a problem for her. She can invest on paying consultants and in some related marketing research intended to determine what the problem is all about.
* What is the mean problem in this case study?
Naila’s problem is the lack of marketing research to determine consumer needs. This implies that she has not understood consumer needs. Therefore, if her products do not address these needs, it is likely that the consumers will drift away after the first purchase and the sales will decrease.
* What is the solution for this problem?
The solution involves seeking to understand her ...
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