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Because it is reasonable to assume that everybody who has existed has come into contact with evil in some form or another, including misery and anguish, dealing with the issue of wickedness is a difficult task. It is particularly concerned with the notions of evil and suffering, as well as how they connect to various conceptions of God.


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Because it is reasonable to assume that everybody who has existed has come into contact with evil in some form or another, including misery and anguish, dealing with the issue of wickedness is a difficult task. It is particularly concerned with the notions of evil and suffering, as well as how they connect to various conceptions of God. God's omnipotence, omniscience, and Omnibenevolence are examples of these ideas. When it comes to how these principles are meant to be applied, there are a variety of definitions. When it comes to comprehending theological implications and how it tends to look at ethics, the emotional issue of evil is crucial.
Formulation of the Problem of Evil
           When one talks about how the devising of the problem of wickedness is supposed to be carried out, the idea is to make sure that its two major forms are needed to be understood. The first form is more about ensuring that an innate understanding of the whole issue is developed and how it is crucial when looking at the evidential issues. When one looks at the logical form, it tends to look at how the concept of God and evil is supposed to co-exist. On the other hand, if one looks at the evidential for, it goes to show that there is always this case of how some evil will always exist in this world [1]. The interesting premise of this whole debate is how it is supposed to be extended to some of the non-human forms of life. That includes animal suffering as well as how the handling of natural evils is needed to be done. The inherent tendency of human cruelty is one of the other areas where one might see that human cruelty takes its shape as the worst form of human evil. 
When attempting to comprehend how the problem of evil is meant to be observed in this world, both the emotional and intellectual sides must be considered. Evil encounters affect agents' religious beliefs as well as their emotional well-being.
This kind of influence is sometimes linked to evil's "existential" issue. Perhaps there is a reason for this connection. 1 An individual's deep, personal battle with God (or believe in God) in the face of evil characterizes the existential issue. It can cause feelings of betrayal, fury, disappointment, grief, and outrage, among other things.
Understanding the Broader Concept of Evil
           It is really important to understand the larger concept and meaning of evil before going into the emotional rationale. The larger idea of evil refers to how any pain and underlying suffering are experienced. The issue is that these definitions might become overly simple at times. There is always the need to come up with a more sophisticated and deep-rooted definition of evil. The notion that all suffering is wicked, for example, is not a viable answer since, without all pain, the world would be an intrinsically hazardous place. One of the major arguments is that it is difficult to grasp the basic level by which satisfaction is supposed to be measured. The arguments of the Omni-God are founded on the premise that the concept of wickedness must be figured out [2]. The everyday evil deeds that occur in someone's life can indeed be classified as fundamentally wicked. The explanation for this is because the motion that it entails must be grasped on a larger scale. It is about possessing that one quality that one cannot define as redeemable in any case that can be termed evil. John 5:19
19 We understand how we are God's offspring and that he is in charge of the entire universe.
According to retired professor of philosophy at Whitworth University, a secular question of evil might develop whenever individuals try and explain why evil happens and its link to the world. A wicked occurrence is one that "calls into question our fundamental trust in the balance and harmony of our environment." As a result, according to Peter L. Berger, "for social systems to maintain intact against chaotic forces, people need explanations of evil."
Influence of Emotions on Notion of Evil
        The influence of our emotions on evil goes a long way toward assisting us in comprehending this idea. Individuals' emotional abilities can sometimes have a variety of effects on our life. The more reasonable argument for why God permits evil to exist in the first place is given here. The problem is that someone who is distressed in any way may not be the ideal person to respond since their judgment is impaired [3]. They may go on to condemn God's presence, arguing that the presence of evil does not justify God's presence. It's one of the reasons why one's emotional response to how they would respond to being seated might inadvertently influence their assessment of God's desire. It is necessary to ensure that emotional impulses are set aside and that a more rational and cohesive case regarding God's existence is made. At the same time, there is a case to be made for ensuring that the ultimate moral norm is followed in any scenario in order to ensure that these things are specified in greater depth. Hence the need to establish this knowledge that there will be no good in the world unless there is a concept of evil, and that maintaining that balance is one of God's primary goals. The presence of evil cannot be used to dismiss God's existence. The Christian scripture 1 Kings 14:9 states, "We realize that we are Heaven's descendants, and also that the rest of the world is under the control of the evil one."
Philosophical Approach to Understand the Notion of Evil
People's responses to the intellectual issue of evil tend to be more philosophical. The cold hard facts and statistics offered at the moment go a long way toward ensuring that the people's genuine issue is addressed. There are times when individuals get enraged with God, and their rage stems from their percep

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