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There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The assignment entailed analyzing the literary devices used in the book, "There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury." After carrying out some research, i noted devices such as iron as seen when teasdale explains how live will b e good during and after elimination of man. The topic is also about coming of soft rains yet the story is about suffering and despair. The clock on the wall is described as singing yet it is not alive. This is symbolism. METAPHOR is also WITNESSED on the both on several quarters. The dog belongs to the dead family and this symbolizes suffering like the way dogs suffer.


Ashton Mitchell
Dr. Leverett
English Composition II
October 10, 2020
There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury
In any writing of literary work, literary devices are employed while writing to involve readers’ feelings. Literary devices also establish a sense of imagination to the reader that would enable the audience/reader to connect to the events within a story. Various literary elements are used in stories such as; irony, symbolism, and metaphor to provide a sense of vivid description and explanation of events within the story. "There Will Come Soft Rain" is a story by Ray Bradbury that has employed various literary elements throughout its writing. The writer uses different stylistic devices such as metaphors, irony, and symbolism to make the story catchy and memorable as discussed below.
The story was written around the 25th of August 2006 after the Hiroshima Nagasaki disaster. The story focuses on how technology takes over the human world and does everything the human way by using robots throughout the story. There will come soft Rain by Ray Bradbury depicts a house that is technologically sophisticated, with no family to serve due to the extinction of the human race. As the play progresses, robot technology performs all the house activities until the end of the story, when a tree bough falls into the house, and it is caught on fire. The robots fail to put off the fire as everything is consumed by the flames leaving only one side of the wall standing. Metaphor and symbolism as literary elements have immensely been employed in writing the story. The irony is also evident, and the main subject matter of the story, which is; Alienation and invasion.

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