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Case study. The Lindbergh Kidnapping case. Life Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The case occupies the mysterious disappearance of Charles Lindbergh's baby son from their home in Hopewell


i will release the fund. But before that i wanted to know if the paper involves any particular case and forensic science. because my paper should involve these two things
The case invoilves mysterious duisappearance of Charles Lindbergh's baby son from their home in Hopewell .This occurs during the period of Great epression causing shock to the world.This proved to be the crime of the century which bought about dsome controversies causing the cases to remain unsolved. The Case prompted the comprehensive investigation and trial which makes the country fera the likelihood of the anarchy. The confusing nature of the handling of some aspects in the case has been deeply feeled by many.The Historian Lloyd C. Gardner delves deeply into aspects of the case that remain confusing to this day. These strange exploits of John Condon the retired teacher who was the prosecution of the chief witness ptroved unnbfiatly executed. The first investigation was vulnerable since did bnot bother to find the perpetrator because of the fear of the live of his son. The discovery of the ransom money in possession by Hauptmann was the start of the investigation procesd. Hauptmann was arrested before being tried and sentenced to dearth.discovered to have some of the ransom money in his possession. Hauptmann was arrested, tried, and sentenced to death.The caes study involves the naturing of presenting the evidence and how the evidence was misused in the trial process.The after mart of the cases was not clar as we do not know whether Hauptman was gulty or not.According to Gardner,the evidence presented for the caese was insufficient to condemn Hauptman for first-degree murder. 

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