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Energy and Enviroment (Research Paper Sample)


The task was to write a research paper on a life science related topic. This sample is researched on the effects of energy to the ecosystem.

Energy and Environment
The supply and use of energy in the society is fundamental. With an exemption of forests and agriculture, human activities accelerate a radical change to the environment. These human activities are as a result of influence of energy to the society. Locally, energy and environment are concerns because they effect the society. Some of the setbacks bringing effects to the society are; extraction, venomous emissions, and transportation. Therefore, the problems on environment widen regionally and globally causing acid rains and greenhouse effects leading to global warming. These problems have become international debates and issues to be discussed politically (Mohammad Aslam, 2012).
Environment and energy is a discipline targeted by natural scientists, technologists and social scientists globally. The purpose is to cover political, economic and social phenomena on issues locally and internationally. Science and technology on environment and energy involves conservation of energy. Also, it enhances the relationship of energy systems with the environment in societies. Wider environment and related energy aspects involve the use of wood as fuel leading to deforestation.
According to President Barack Obama, “the energy strategy for the last century cannot trap the country in the past. An energy strategy is necessary for the future. Therefore, any strategy for the 21st century is to be used as a source of development for American made energy”. The goal of all nations is to utilize resources, innovation and technology to develop enough energy. Volatility in gasoline prices should strengthen the urge for innovation. This will help consumers protect their environment and save some money by driving fuel efficient cars (Harper, 2011).
Consequently, it is necessary to invent ways of producing clean energy in the future. To be the leading country in the creation of clean energy in the world requires strengthening of the economy. This can be accomplished by inventing future clean technologies and funding research for producing energy.
For instance, the United States of America has doubled the capacity of energy production since 2008. This was accomplished by the use of methods such as solar energy, wind mills and geothermal sources. The United States was ranked as the world’s best and leading clean energy technologies investor, outshining Germany and China. This was accelerated by president Obama’s decision to eliminate tax breaks that were wasted in the industry of gas and oil, saving $4 billion of American tax payers’ money (Sequeira, 1998).
According to (Elizabeth Mys, 2000), for decades, the government of Canada has known about deaths in Sydney, due to industrial emissions. Instead of trying to curb the effects on the society, the government started building an elementary school, accommodating more than 500 students above the ponds of tar. New generations were born under the same toxic environment. The government treated Cape Breton and the Atlantic coastline of Canada like experimental sites.. The government made there a trade between people’s health and the support of industries 100 years ago. In other words, the government decided to let many of its citizen die “Canada has so many industrial plants producing energy. The country has regions like Nova Scotia and Ontario, where people are subjected to infection like cancer and birth defects. This is because of emissions such as fluoride from the industries. Politically in Canada, the government does not put much effort in promoting clean energy.
Environment is made up of everything in the world in which we live. Anything that surrounds everyone regard less of the place is what makes the environment. Environment protection includes protection of the air people breathe, water they drink, and land where they live. The restoration of ecosystems requires reduction of pollution from power plants through support from the federal agencies. Thus, for protection of the environment, areas that degrade environment should be the main concerns.
Oceans and seas need protection. This is because they are sources of income to the nation’s economy. In addition, oceans and seas act as recreation facilities and means of transport. For the protection of the waters, disposal of plant waste and the growth of hyacinths that hindering transport should be put into consideration (Harper, 2011).
Impacts of change in climate on energy production
Most of the time climates affect the patterns of energy demand. For instance, whenever temperature increases, consumption of electricity increases with an increase in demand for cooling space in the southern part of Europe and the Mediterranean. On the other hand, change in climate affects the production of power. This is because changes in water runoff increase the production of hydropower in the north of Europe and decrease it in the south. Therefore, climatic change affects both consumption and production of energy (Iribarren, 1999).
Impacts of energy production on environment
During production and processing of energies, emissions produced are pollutants to the environment. This emission brings about climatic changes. This affects all living organism in the ecosystem. For the country to promote sustained economi...
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