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Biblical Economics Paper Mathematics & Economics Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


research what the Bible says in general about economics and describe your biblical view of economics, describe how we should deal biblically with poverty using economic tools


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Biblical Economics Paper
According to the Bible in the book of 2 Timothy 3:16-17, the scriptures address every part of life and provides its clear view and principles on each good work. The Bible talks about both business and economics in detail. Therefore, it is critical to note that it is fundamental to learn the Biblical teachings on economics for a country to be placed on a prosperous path. This paper will therefore explore various issues of economics from a Biblical view. The Bible’s view on economics can be generalized in terms of the following principles.
1. God’s desire is for people to have wealth to be able to have his purposes fulfilled. As opposed to mere riches, God intends to bring wealth to his people by blessing them as riches are perishable. Moreover, anyone can gain riches, and most people have obtained these riches by using ungodly means. To produce wealth, therefore, God's character in people is critical. According to chapter 8 of the book of Deuteronomy, creating and maintaining wealth requires remembrance and obedience to God. This means that possessing God's understanding and wisdom is crucial for creating wealth, and the wealth creation foundation is having a view of life from God's perspective.
2. For economic development, liberty produced by Christianity is necessary. Liberty is the source of humankind's progress as it ensures more invention, more cultivation, and more labor, hence more wealth. Christianity produces personal liberty in men’s minds as well as hearts. This liberty produces civil, economic, political as well as religious liberty.This means that liberty comes as a result of Christian ideas. It will, therefore, be alright to say that progress is a product of Christianity.
3. A Christian economy will flow outward from man’s mind and heart. Christian character will always produce people who have a great work ethic, people who will invest upon saving, people with their prosperity concern, people who will not be staling. With this kind of citizens, andthe economy will grow. For an economy to prosper, therefore, its citizens should have a Biblical worldview as well as a Christian character.

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