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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Labeling (Research Paper Sample)


Develop entire paper so that it convinces your reader regarding opinion of the topic. Body paragraph topic sentences should be phased according to typical argumentation startegies (causes, effects, reasons)

GMO Labeling
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) labeling has received much feedback across the United States of America. State officials, as well as biotech industries have come up strongly to express their views on this issue. According to Huff, GMO labeling create awareness among consumers (par. 2). This helps them select items with the knowledge of its contents. Connecticut is one of the first states to pass regulations requiring biotech industries to label their products correctly. Biotech industries are facing major challenges in trying to secure their claims with respect to the consumption of GMO products. Apparently, the continued debates on GMO labeling seem to stem from the concerns of scientists on how safe it is for consumers to take GMO products (Huff par. 3).
Claims have been made by consumers that GMO products cause to cancer, as well as allergic reactions. Individuals fighting for the passing of regulations requiring food industries to label their products and indicate if the products contain GMO are increasing. Arguably, the continued consumption of GMO products expose individuals to cancerous agents. This has lead to selective decision-making with respect to food products. Consumers are now trying to avoid products that are genetically engineered. This is being achieved through campaigns advocating for the labeling of GMO products. Besides the health issues being raised, there is a rising concern about the impact that genetic production of foods will have eventually on the environment (Johnson 1).
Consumers are constantly looking for the best product to suit their diet. GMO labeling seems to be a major threat to this freedom. Subsequent to the formalization of GMO labeling, consumers will have a limited choice in what products to purchase. This can also lead to price hikes by food industries. When consumers have limited choices in the market, this translates into an opportunity for the food industries to increase the price of their products (Johnson par.3). Whereas the state officials aim to provide consumers with healthy food alternatives, their objective might lead to major constraints on the part of the consumer. It is critical for the officials to ensure that the set regulations enhance transparency by taking considering the impacts of GMO labeling.
Proposals for obligatory labeling of GMO products will enhance the knowledge of consumers on the content in the food products they consume. This free access to information will enable them to select the products without allergic reactions and eventually, promote their health. Additionally, GMO labeling will also help in enhancing the ethical consideration of food industries. Ethically, food industries are required to provide adequate information to their consumers. Through GMO labeling, the genetic industries will allow consumers to choose what they want to include in their food consumption (Byrne 1).
On the other hand, GMO labeling can also influence the food industries negatively. For instance, by acknowledging the presence of genetically processed content on the label, a company indirectly admits to consumers that the product could contain health-harming substances. In addition, other consumers may have to pay highly for the food products. In this, food industries may b...
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