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History of petroleum History (Research Paper Sample)


To research on petroleum industry Sample was about the history and origin and the modern state of petroleum industry


History of the Petroleum Industry
The discovery of underground oil first made was by the Chinese in salt wells. 500 years before Christ in the history explains how wells got dug at Tibetan border by the Chinese. These wells were about 100feet deep and contained a mixture of water, natural gases and oil. Later, the Chinese constructed pipelines to draw the oil and the gases from the well. The usage was for lighting. By the time, it was 1500 A.D they managed to dig more than 2000 feet dip. During 13th century, oil gets discovered in Persia. By the time, it was 1590’s pits got dug for extracting oil from the surface. In 1650, an oil reservoir discovered at Romania in Europe. This site then was the source of oil in Europe. For more than 200 years, Europe was the first world’s refinery of oil (Clark, 1946).
600 million years ago, a believe that decayed plants and remnants of animals are the main constituents of petroleum. These remains are microscopic plankton, responsible for the production of the high carbon in petroleum. This organic carbon contains tiny grained sediments known as Chattanooga shale. This is the principle origin rock for petroleum. Therefore, petroleum is an oil product known throughout history. During the early days, petroleum usage was to coat walls, boat hulls and during the warfare as the fire weapon. Some of the Americans used it as medicine, magic and paint maker. During the 19th century, it got scooped from holes dug underground in Europe. In 1815 street lambs used petroleum as fuel in Prague.
During 1859 in Pennsylvania, Edwin Clarke dug a well of oil in creek valley, which became a commercial service. The kerosene produced improved the market of lighting. Therefore, after the incidence everyone got carried up since it was free by then. During the exploration, people did not have the knowledge concerning geology. This brought about confusion to residents of the place. The sale and trade of the product was chaotic since whatever produced was not quality and refined. Thus, storing the petroleum fuel was risky. The government never existed and this made it harder and non safe for the trade. Many companies ventured into the market making the price of crude oil to lower (Francisco, 2004).
Later in 1863, John Rockefeller invested in refining companies located in Cleveland. After nine years, he had taken control of more than 20 out of 26 oil refineries located only in Cleveland. He realized the only way to take control of the industry would be through refining. John thought of a way of controlling the business by doing away with the waste duplication. In a span of no time, he had expanded the refineries to other town cities and states. He managed to expand the business by buying out all the competitors. By this time production, marketing and transportation could take place through his supervision. 1n 1890, Rockefeller refining company, had taken 90% con...
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