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Inside Organized Racism Women in the Hate Movement (Research Paper Sample)


The book is titled Inside Organized Racism Women In The Hate Movement
All papers should answer the same basic questions about the methods used in the book. So, the paper should go through each question on the list until you run out of questions or hit the 5-page length (usually each question translates into a paragraph)
I need to verify which research methods are being used in the book and expound on them. I provided 3 files which describe what is needed.


Student's Name
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Inside Organized Racism Women in the Hate Movement
Kathleen Blee's book on inside organized racism women in the hate movement delivers a provocative yet disturbing gesture at the hidden world. The book highlights the newest recruits of discriminatory acts and their plea to lure many towards racial supremacy. Interestingly, she deploys specific methodology on these groups or gangs across the states to dispel the many misconceptions of organized racism. Women sway into acts of discrimination by the interest of beliefs and needs. These women have peculiar traits of being educated, no poor background for most of them, and no abusive upbringing. The book offers a fascinating yet submerged examination of identities that lie behind the hate movement's homogeneity. Therefore, this research paper presents a detailed description of the book's methods and insightful analysis of these methods. The guiding questions are qualitative or quantitative, cross-sectional or longitudinal, the research question, the type of research, the sample, sampling methods, and variables studied.
The working of Kathleen is qualitative. She uses qualitative methods, like interviewing and observation, to have an extensive understanding of racism. The methodology allows her to have a textual interpretation of the research question. The author develops a groundbreaking aspect in place of women in the U.S. Moreover, in her book, she draws the depth through observation years while attending far-right movement events (Blee, 31). Her intentions are clear since she tries to ascertain and postulate essential issues. In her account, she interviews 34 women in organized racism and anti-Semitic gangs 

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