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Racism Of African Americans In Some American Public High Schools (Research Paper Sample)


Write a 7-page research paper (2400 words at least) that presents and builds a case for a complex argumentative claim. This paper should be based upon the research you have undertaken over the past weeks, as well as the skills you have developed over the rest of the quarter through your work with rhetorical analysis, synthesis of texts, evaluating evidence, and forming persuasive arguments. Your claim should clearly address the connection(s) between your topic and systemic racism and/or white supremacy.


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Racism Of African Americans In American Public High Schools
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Racism is one of the adverse social attitudes that has existed. Racism results in the perception of some of the races as being dominant or more critical than others in the same community. This process of looking down upon some of the people in a community have a negative impact on the development and the psychological status of the affected races and people. Racism can contribute to the collapse and elimination of a race or tribe in urgent cases. This is one of the reasons why most of the international bodies fight against racism at all costs. In some societies and countries, racism has resulted in wars and conflicts among the people and consequently the deaths and violation of the rights of the colored communities. Stereotypic attributes have produced from the aspect of racism and have contributed to the oppression of the affected parties and races. The American history has had significant concerns about the racial element. Racism has contributed to the decline of the social status of the people and the coexistence of the people as well.
In the long run, the colored communities, despite being accorded the civil rights still experience some form of oppression and violation today. The concept of racism has had impact and roots in essential facilities such as health and educational institutions. In this case, the discussion will be based on the Racism of African Americans In American Public High Schools. In the debate and research, the impact of the racism histories and how they exist in the American public-school system. The presence of these historical oppressions has contributed to various conditions in the children from the colored communities, and therefore the relationship between the oppression and the mental health of the black students will be analyzed and discussed as well.
The history of racism in education can be traced back to 1849 when the supreme court allowed the setup and existence of segregated schools. These schools were based on different races having their schools which their children attended and bared the other children from different races visiting. The court in Massachusetts allowed the sept up and be one of the causatives to the increase in racial segregation and racism in the country. In this case., the whites were allowed for setting up their schools and which did not permit the admission of other races in them. In the following year, a similar case of racism can be seen with the denial of citizenship of the African of being inferior. This upholds the supremacy of the white race and shows the other rates, especially the black people as being inferior. This had a significant impact on the psychology of the blacks an anyone who heard of the inferiority that was attached to the African American race in united states can be affected negatively.
Most of the united states should do not discuss the race aspect (Modica). By avoiding these racial discussions. The children are said to be protected from the rise of concern on the races and influencing them to feel inferior. The communities and most people especially teacher feel that the only way to protect the children is to avoid the connections and concepts of race discussions altogether. This is, therefore, a perceived marginalization of the students and especially the black one due to the racial aspect (Modica). However, the environment does not allow the open discussion of this aspect. The teachers, however, connected with the white students still present the concepts of race and discuss or mistreat the colored children mildly which also affects them mostly (Modica). The white supremacy is shown in the form of treatment that the white children received in these schools and the mistreatment and guided that the other races receive in the society.
In the schools above, the teachers and students are always faced with a hard time discussing the issue of racism. This however mainly happen on the white race subjects. Asking about racial aspects of the white in school brings about a confusions state where the question would tend to avoid the entire case (Modica).
“Because many white teachers believe they should be colorblind, the race has become a taboo subject in many US classrooms, with serious implications for students and teachers. Silence about race denies students the skills they need to talk about race openly and honestly and the opportunity to think about how racism affects them and their relationships with others. Teachers who believe it is best to be colorblind lose the opportunity to address racial inequity in their classrooms and their overall school programs. Therefore, attempts to be colorblind do not end racism; in fact, ignoring race increases the likelihood that racism will occur in schools and other facets of society” (Modica)
This is however based on an effort to avoid a complete reference of any case of race. The thought is that discussing the issue of races, the idea of violation and consideration that some of the races are inferior would be stirred. This also shows that the communities till perceiving the races as being unequal and therefore avoid this to limit the mistreatment that would be received by the black children based on this. The entirety of the discussion in the article by Marianne Modica is based on the aspect that no one wants to be perceived as being a racist and therefore avoid the concepts and arguments on the same topic entirely.
The idea of racial mistreatment is both entirely based on the white supremacy, and the African American population has also been reported to c

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