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Software Safety Characteristics Engineering Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


I have attached a paper which consists of software security characteristics.
In the same way, I need software safety characteristics according to SDLC phases.
You can take examples of self-driving cars which need safety characteristics, cyber-physical systems, safety-critical systems, and artificial intelligence systems.
You can compare with the safety features of traditional systems and safety features of future systems like autonomous cars, safety-critical systems etc..


Software Engineering
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Due to the application of software in controlling systems, several hazards have been reported arising from the failures in the software applications. Thus, system engineers focus on developing systems that meet user requirements on the basis of quality and performance but also safety criticality. Failures from the systems occur due to incomplete and possible omissions of safety characteristics when designing the systems. This paper, therefore provide a detailed view of safety requirements in software system design and the specifications made at different stages of the SDLC. It also examines the models and tools used in analyzing software safety requirements with the aim of mitigating risk failures in the systems. Moreover, the paper discusses safety requirements incorporated in safety-critical systems in which failures lead to catastrophic damages to human lives, property loss and environmental factors.
Software Safety Characteristics
Software engineering field continues to encounter several challenges due to the advancements in technology and the critical state of software systems developed. Thus, software engineers focus on evaluating and estimating the crucial characteristics of the systems in order to guarantee quality and efficiency in terms of operation. This is achieved by using a number of parametric estimating techniques that enhance estimation of cost and complexity on the software projects. Software cost estimation enables engineers to determine the necessary resources and the overall schedule of the projects' activities as well as the relationships among these features that may impact the system's performance [1]. Accordingly, both performance and quality aspects of the software systems depends on the needs and desires of customers. As a result, software engineers are tasked with evaluating the features of the systems that meet the continuously evolving demands of customers. Moreover, this system should be designed to function within the required budget as estimated by the software engineers. Thus, there is a need to evaluate all the functional and non-functional requirements of the systems in consideration to the changing technologies and complexities of these systems in nature [2].

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