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Corporate Social Responsibility in Uganda: A Review of The Developing Oil and Gas Sector (Research Paper Sample)


Increasingly, international oil companies (IOCs) continue to champion corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their work environment (Gynae, Nunoo & Suleman, 2021), which in the case of emerging countries, is more and more associated with solving society's needs (Frynas, 2009). Considering that oil and gas is a developing sector in Uganda’s economy, this research will review the scope of current CSR practices undertaken by the major IOCs operating in Uganda with a view of establishing the nature and extent of CSR activities and their implementation criteria.


Research Proposal
Research Title: Corporate Social Responsibility in Uganda: A review of the developing oil and gas sector.
Uganda’s new oil and gas sector has transitioned into the development phase pioneered by two international oil companies (IOCs) following the recent announcement of the Final Investment Decision (FID). It follows that there are heightened expectations from communities for IOCs to play a part in improving society's well-being through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. So far, CSR campaigns in Uganda's oil and gas sector are sparsely documented as the country gains competency at developing and managing its petroleum industry. In this way, it is challenging to evaluate the IOC’s performance in this aspect, but more so, there is no ground for demanding improvement or more CSR activities.

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