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Refugees: Should We Let Syrian Refugees In? (Research Paper Sample)


Pages: 6
Time: 14hrs
Sources: 5-6
Carry out a detailed research on whether more refugees from the middle East, especially Syria, should be allowed to continue entering US.
These research paper answers this question under the following sub- headings;
-Reasons to welcome refugees from Syria after the Paris Attack.
- Focus on the controversies over Syrian refugees is a miss to the main concerns.
- Separating facts from fictions on the debates on the admission of Syrian refugees in US.
- The argument against accepting Syrian Refugees and their Failures.
- The way forward on the refugees as provided by the EU.
- Facts explaining America's shameful Reactions to Syrian Refugees.

Should we let Syrian Refugees in?
The US has had a very long history of harboring refugees from various war-torn nations around the world. As major conflicts rocks various regions of the world, many people, either on individual basis or as a displaced mass of people have gotten access through the US boarders and found asylum within this region. However, with the increasing threats of terror and cross border attacks that has increasingly weighed down the American nation and with their citizens being the primary terror targets, the question of whether more refugees from the middle East, especially, Syria for this case, be let in continually resurfaces every other day and becomes more and more relevant topic for discussion. These concerns have raised diverse ideological thoughts across board even as the debate continues day by day.
Preliminary findings
Finding 1: Reasons to welcome refugees from Syria after the Paris Attack
* It is believed that the attackers at Paris were not part of the refugees from Syria in that country. There is no direct source that links the Syrian attacker with being Syrian refugees in the country. Since the attacker had not received any refugee’s destination from the UN agencies or any vetting from the intelligence agencies, there was no any proof that the terrorist had any approved refugee status.
* US refugees have never been involved in terrorist acts. This is true from the historical perspectives that attribute these to the rigorous and lengthy vetting processes that all American refugees are always subjected to. This process is believed to be a deterrent to the entry of any terror suspect into the refugee camps. Over the years, there has never been any incidence of terror involving anybody among the US refugees. Also, it is on records that terrorists have always used students or tourist visas that are confirmed to be much easily obtained as opposed to having an access to the US through refugee status.
* The ISIS has always regarded Syrian refugees as being discordant with their general radical causes of the Islamic states. It is on records that Muslims believe that anybody who would seek asylum from the lands of the infidels as opposed to the lands of the Muslims is acting contrary to the Islamic cause and therefore is considered as being a traitor.
* Welcoming the Syrian refugees would be seen as a demonstration of a moral courage by the US and also, the initiatives of ensuring that all allies are turned away would even worsen the situation of terrorist activities against the US.
Looking at these findings, there is a certain degree of consistency as the points corresponds to the underlying truth as it can be seen. A general disbandment of the admission of the Syrian refugees just on the basis of general branding as being terror suspects may not solve the overall terror dilemma.
Finding 2: Focus on the controversies over Syrian refugees is a miss to the main concerns
* All that was witnessed I France had been witnessed in other nations that are predominantly Muslim countries like Belgium and Sweden where medical personnel have been routinely attacked by such lone actors.
* Focus have shifted to the condemnation of the entire Islamic Sharia laws with the media focusing more on the activities of the Islamic states, shifting attentions from other salient issues that would help in the restoration of the other more intense societal ills.
* Briefings by the Refugees Resettlement Watch indicate that the Syrians are just a small fraction of the entire group of the US refugees’ population that is majorly comprised of people from the Islamic states.
* Process of promoting constitutional principles together with civic education that has always been mandated to the American Migration and Neutralization Process, have been abandoned as the institution narrowly focuses on terrorism as opposed to the adherence to the Sharia law.
The findings from this source trace its relevance to the general shift that has been taken to narrowly focus on the peripheral ideologies that may not lead to the solutions needed to solve the main issues. Going by these findings, there would be no proper reasons that would make Syrian refugees be barred from accessing the US just on the basis of increased terrorist activities and more so the actions that recently took place I France.
Finding 3: Separating facts from fictions on the debates on the admission of Syrian refugees in US
* The congressional Republicans had overwhelmingly voted for a motion that would tighten measures considered in the admission of refugees especially from Iraq and Syria. More than half of the US governors have expressed their disinterest in hosting refugees from Syria with the argument that these groups pose a great risk to the entire national security.
* More leaders advocate for the consideration of the refugee’s religious backgrounds and propose that the US need to consider more Christian refugees.
* Many leaders fear that America risks a repeat of the Paris’ style of attack, should more refugees from Syria be allowed into the country.
* The government has committed to allowing about 10,000 more Syrian refugees into the country. This will make the Syrian refugees represent about 0.004% of the total refugee population.
* There are other concerns of the Syrian refugees being ISIS sympathizers. Such concerns are watered down by the fact that the Syrian refugees and the Americans are afraid of a common enemy that has always been the Islamic Terrorism.
* Since 9/11, only 3 terror suspects have been arrested on terror charges from the entire refugee population in the US.
Looking at the findings of this source, the Syrian refugees would be regarded as less threatening to the US nation compared to the rest of the refugee population. Also, the population of the Syrian refugees is negligibly small in relation to the rest of the refugee populations with Islamic origin.
Finding 4: The argument against accepting Syrian Refugees and their Failures
* Security arguments that the refugees poses threats and increased security risks is rejected from the historical perspectives of the trends in the world terror occurrences that presents more challenges other than the Syrian refuges.
* The scarcity argument that the refugees will cause more stress to the American resources that are already in short supply is countered by the statistical results that shows that the foreign citizens actually contribute a significant amount of income to the US economy more than they take away.
* The argument of no responsibility and no benefits would be considered baseless with the consideration of all that makes this group of people become refugees in foreign land as well as the various independence reasons that would make US accept refugees.
Looking at all these theoretical argument...
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