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The Impact of Mobile Technologies to the Work-Life Balance


Research Project Report Assessment (60%)
January 2017
Monday April 10th 2017
TASK: You will now write up your final project report and incorporate your edited literature review. The Final project report should be 4000 words in length, excluding the title page, table of contents, abstract, final list of references and appendices.
Submission Guidelines Template (student facing):
1. Use a standard academic font, size 12 and use 1.5 spacing between lines.
2. Each page of your assignment should have a header with your student ID number, module code and the name of your class tutor. Do not write your name.
3. All pages should be numbered.
4. Staple all pages together.
5. Include a title page consisting of the following information:
• Module Code:
• Class/Group:
• Module Title
• Assessment Title
• Assignment Title:
• Tutor Name:
• Student ID Number:
• Date of Submission:
You may be penalised according to the GIC Assessment Rules if:
• You ignore the word limit set for the assignment. It is important that you submit work with reference to the word limit. If you deviate significantly from the stated word limit you may be penalised.


Module Code:
Module Title:
Assessment Title:
Assignment Title: Impact of Mobile Technology on Work-Life Balance
Tutor Name:
Student ID Number:
Date of Submission:
This research gives an account of the relationship between mobile media and work-life balance. It elaborates on the theoretical framework of the concept by addressing four central research questions, adopted methodological strategy on the basis of secondary research content and detailed discussion on research findings in conclusion. Hence, the content revolves around — the necessity/convenience of mobile technology, difference in technological acceptance among different age groups and in between working men and women, experience of Chinese and Scottish mobile workers who are using mobile technology in an attempt to deal with their work-life balance. This paper ends with a hope that individuals and organizations will cooperate each other in coping with the problem of work-life balance.
1.1 Background
Media historians commonly recognize a wide-ranging shift when, at the threshold of the 20th century, transfer of data between two or more distant devices shifted from the common point-to-point direct connection protocol to broadcast/multicast transmissions. A telephone call is an example of point-to-point communication in which two phones are connected with each other and the message is only heard between the caller and the receiver. On contrary, a radio or television program is transmitted over airwaves for public reception.
The disseminating nature of broadcast reception – like radio or television industry – directed it towards family use. In other words, in society broadcasting system produced a new recipe of increasing mobility and decreasing sociability, with the domestication of radio and television wavelengths captured into the bedrooms of personal spaces. Like at first, the mobile phone was essentially a wireless telephone, providing increased possibilities of direct communication throughout physical space. The progress of mobile or portable electronic devices in a network system with real-time entry to broadcast contents produced fitting situations, however, for further types of expansion.
A very simplistic historical outline of change in communication system such as this is adequate to ponder how potentially enticing it is to portray the point of convergence and unity of cause and effect between technological change and makeovers in communication rationales.
1.2 Research Question and Structure
This project report is an exciting opportunity to provide a secondary research based understanding of the socio-cultural impact of the mobile technology on work-life-balance of workers. To this end, we explore four research questions in total. The following first three of those questions address the general conceptual and theoretical frameworks of the study.
RQ1: Has ...
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