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Organisation analysis & Technology review (Research Paper Sample)


Research and suggest new up-to-date IT developments and state how they could benefit the organisation.

Table of Contents
 TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253769" Executive Summary  PAGEREF _Toc315253769 \h 3
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253770" Case-Study Evaluation: organization & Technology  PAGEREF _Toc315253770 \h 3
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253771" Section 1: Environmental Analysis  PAGEREF _Toc315253771 \h 3
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253772" Organization name  PAGEREF _Toc315253772 \h 3
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253773" Type:  PAGEREF _Toc315253773 \h 3
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253774" Sector:  PAGEREF _Toc315253774 \h 3
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253775" Mission:  PAGEREF _Toc315253775 \h 3
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253776" Description of the Organization  PAGEREF _Toc315253776 \h 4
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253777" Section 2: Technology Analysis  PAGEREF _Toc315253777 \h 4
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253778" Marketing Department  PAGEREF _Toc315253778 \h 5
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253779" The production department  PAGEREF _Toc315253779 \h 6
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253780" The Sales Department  PAGEREF _Toc315253780 \h 7
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253781" Human Resource Department  PAGEREF _Toc315253781 \h 8
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253782" Information Technology Department  PAGEREF _Toc315253782 \h 9
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253783" Conclusions & Recommendations  PAGEREF _Toc315253783 \h 10
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc315253784" Reference List  PAGEREF _Toc315253784 \h 11

Executive Summary
Information technology has taken a very long stride in the recent future with the development of many technologies which can be applied in the scientific world. Advancements in technology have resulted to adoption of that technology in the business arena by most of the companies and organizations (Nilles, [2]). Technology advancements have seen the increased use of computers and the internet which has made it easier for organizations to store and exchange information and cutting out the work load of the manual ways of information storage and sharing.
This report tries to looks at the technological advancements that have made in the world and their impact to the operations of organizations (Nilles, [2]). It critically analyses the situations before and after the use of information technology and how it has made it easier for organizations to work. It also looks at the challenges that have been experienced in the incorporation of information technology into the work place that temper with the advancements being achieved. Thorough study of the Coca-Cola Company shows that the company has incorporated information technology in its operations to increase the quality of its products and enhance communication with its customers.
Case-Study Evaluation: organization & Technology
Section 1: Environmental Analysis
Organization name: The Coca-Cola Company
Type: Beverage Company
Sector: Manufacturing, retailing and Marketing
Mission: Strive to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference.
Description of the Organization
Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest beverage manufactures, retailers and marketer in the world. It produces brand of beverages that are widely known in the world and that are so much acknowledged for refreshment in many parts of the world (The Coca-Cola Company [1]). The company is widespread in all parts of the world and has branches in over 200 countries and produces more that 500 brands of beverages that are consumed in the world. It is a large organization that is made up of many affiliated organizations that manufacture, bottle and retail soft drinks and refreshments all over the world. Some of the common brands produced by Coca-Cola Company include the famous Coca-Cola brand, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Powerad, M inute Maid among other brands that are bottled and sold allover the world.
The company has branches in all 2300 countries in the world and an employee workforce of about 140,000 employees worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Regardless of the headquarter offices it also has regional offices in every continent which coordinates the operations of the company in that particular region and communicates to the head office regularly (The Coca-Cola Company [1]).
Section 2: Technology Analysis
The Coca-Cola Company has widely applied information technology in its working and operations. Moist of its operations and tasks in the various branches that it co-ordinates its operations by the use of information technology. The company has widely embraced the use of computers in its organizational operations and uses other technologies too to ensure that it achieves its operation aims and objectives (Posner, [3]). The company is made up several different departments which co-operate and work together to ensure that the company achieves its goals and objectives.
The different departments in the company include and not limited to marketing, production, sales, human resource, executive and Information Technology departments.
Marketing Department
This is the core department in the company that is tasked with the heavy task of ensuring the products of the company are promoted and marketed to potential buyers in all the countries. Each regional office formulates its marketing strategies depending on the nature of their customers. The marketing department works to ensure that the products of the company gain acceptance and creates awareness to all parts of the world for any new products (Posner, [3]).
Information technology has aided this department to a great extend through using computers to produce advertising materials and also through using the internet to promote the company’s products. The marketing department uses computing devices to create advertising information like pamphlets, billboards and other marketing materials that serve to promote the products of the company. The internet has also been used by the company to promote its products by creating marketing and promotional portals where people can learn more about the various soft drinks the company deals in. the marketing department also uses computers and other forms of technology like the improved communication devices to share information and ideas on how to improve the sales in every region in the world (Carr, [4]). Communication with the customers has also been aided to a very great extend by the use of information technology. The queries from the customers together with their concerns on the products of the company are able to reach the marketing department within a short time.
Use of information technology in this department has changed the style of working by the employees. It has made their work easier and less tedious. It has also enabled them to come up with more presentable and attractive marketing techniques and strategies which are the driving force of the world. Communication and sharing of information has also improved in the company since the regional marketing offices can adequately share information on their sales and the techniques they use to achieve them and how they can transform the company. Use of information technology has helped to a great extend in reducing the costs of the company since using the internet is very cheap that the manual forms of promotion and advertising. Due to this the company has been able to increase its incomes and profits due to increased sales. This is a very positive point to the stakeholders who are able to enjoy the success of the company.
The production department
This is the integral department that is concerned with the manufacture, branding and packaging of the products making them ready for distribution to the customers of the company. In any company the production department is very important since it makes very informed decisions on what products to manufacture and how to brand them relying on the information from other departments such as the branding subdivision and the sales (Carr, [4]). In Coca-Cola Company, the production company incorporates the branding department which is tasked with collecting information on the existing brands, how they are accepted in the market and suggest developments which can be done on the products to gain more market share and acceptance.
The production department has modernized its production systems to ensure that they reduce the labor costs, and other costs that are associated with manual forms of production. The production systems are computerized to ensure that they are controlled by engineers remotely from remote control hubs in the production sites (The Coca-Cola Company [1]). The production process has been modernized by use of computers and other technologies which have made the production process less involving and less tedious.
The branding sub-department incorporated into the production department is tasked with getting information from the customers on their satisfaction levels with the company’s products. This enables the production team to know what to produce and what levels of every different product to produce (The Times 100, [5]). The branding team use information technology such as the mobile phones and the internet to carry out surveys about the products of the company and get the views first hand together with the modifications that can be made to the existing products to gain more acceptances in the market and achieve higher sales.
Use of information technology has made it easier for the production of high quality products and has made improvements of the products easier to be undertaken due to the availability of information from the customers which is able to be shared by the branding division with much ease and much faster (The Times 100, [5]...
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