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The Plan for Building a Youth Ministry Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)




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Christians are called to participate in the gospel of the cross. The Holy Spirit challenges us to partner fully with the mission and life of Jesus Christ and the church. The youth ministry plays an imperative role in this mission. The youth is integrated with the mainstream congregation and not separated. It is Christ-centered and nurtured through the study and proclamation of the word of Christ. The role of the youth ministry in equipping the young people to utilize their God-given talents and abilities and apply the same as faithful disciples of the Lord cannot be overemphasized. Thus, the youth ministry comprehends the young people in youth groups as forming part of the larger ministry and therefore integrating the young people with all the other age groups within the ministry of Jesus Christ.
The book of 1 Corinthians 12: 12-26 talks about the unity and diversity of the Body. The body referred to in this case is the body of Christ translating into the church. The scripture provides the notion every part of the body has a different function, and this function is every unique to that part. The hand cannot take the role of the ear of hearing, and the ear cannot take over the function of the hand. This is the diversity mentioned in the verse. Every part of the body cannot act in isolation either, for it to be a body, all the parts have to operate in harmony so as to achieve congruence.
The analogy from the scripture relates to the church, the body of Christ. All the different parts of the church are unique for the role played in the mission to spread the gospel to the rest of the world as mandated by God. The youth ministry strives to equip the young people in the ways of Christ while the Sunday school provides the foundation of Christ for the children. The mainstream ministry instills spiritual growth in the walk with Christ. However, these different aspects of the Church should work in harmony to form what Christ referred to as the church. I chose to be involved in the youth ministry to be part of the universal body of Christ. By partaking to be part of the body of Jesus, I will be fulfilling the mandate to take the gospel worldwide and more so to the young people of our current generation. With the advent of technology and numerous innovation and creations today, everything seems right with the young generation even if it is not according to the Bible. Veering off the course that the word of the Lord channels is easier now more than ever, and the young people feel justified in their actions. A vibrant youth ministry led by young people cultured in the discipline of the scriptures and doctrine will certainly be of necessity to ensure we bring back our young people leaving the church. I chose to be part of this endeavor as I engage my mission of bringing back the youth to Church through my active participation in the youth ministry.
The youth ministry is associated with different misconceptions derived from the base of the membership and the activities of these ministries. The expectations in the youth ministry by ministers, parents and the young people do not overlap presenting a challenge of the ineffectiveness of the ministry for the young people. Stereotypical perception of the youth ministers present another dissatisfaction of the ministry. The pastors are presumed to be young in both age and knowledge of the word of the Lord thus presented as not able to instill in the young men what mainstream minister can accomplish. The young pastors are however passionate and understand the dynamics of the challenges of the young people. Despite this passion for the Word of the Lord, the reputation of the youth ministry regarding theology is presented as not serious.
The youth ministry at my local church understands the justification for the treatment as such and considerations of other aspects of the demerits will be evaluated to underscore the importance of considering all the views and positions. With a background knowledge in the notions prescribed of the youth ministry, my plan entails identifying first of all such misconception of the young people in the church to ascertain barrier breaking plan to achieve an active ministry. The expectations of everyone in the church community regarding the youth ministry is streamlined by engaging the rational understanding of both parents, young people, and the ministers. I will make it clear to everyone that the church cannot exist without a vibrant youth ministry committed to the Word of the Lord and ensure the spiritual growth of the young people. I would challenge the church to make sure that the entire community understands that without the youth ministry, the church has no future.
The Christian society as it stands at the moment underestimates what the youth ministry can accomplish in the mission of spreading the gospel as effectively as the mainstream ministry. Young people are not expected to rise to occasional challenges and therefore are rarely taught the doctrine and what the church believes. The implication of this perception translate to an ignorant generation that lacks understanding of the basic principles that the church is built upon. My plan for the youth ministry in this essence will regard engaging the church community to believe in the young people to undertake the spiritual challenge and trust the department with the spiritual custody of the young generation. Amongst the age group at the church, the older members of the youth ministry between twenty-five and thirty years will provide the guidance and undertake challenges for the group. Engaging young people in taking the gospel to the people out in the world will form part of the priority plan of the youth ministry. By undertaking such actions, the base principle of ensuring ignorance eradication and strengthening of the knowledge of Jesus amongst the young generation will propel the youth ministry further.
The basic tenet is the instilling of the doctrine in the group. The young people should understand what the church believes in and strive to incorporate the young version of that value and vision within it. Holding regular meetings to underscore this value will enhance cohesion and increase participation as the young people will feel responsible for the mission of the gospel. Instilling the doctrine will however be according to the modern ways of embracing the word of the Lord. The feeling of being left out will not form part of the ministry perception due to the separation trends related with such feeling. By establishing different departments of the youth ministry and engaging the young people in their activities, the involvement will elucidate the understanding of the doctrine from the youth perspective. The ministry will focus on the activities that propel its core mission with harmony with other parts of the church. Distract...
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