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Expansion of Banks in East Africa in the Last Five Years Kenya Commercial Bank and Equity Bank (Research Proposal Sample)


Expansion of banks in East Africa in the last five years – Kenya Commercial Bank and Equity Bank.

Research Project Proposal
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MBA – Marketing
Expansion of banks in East Africa in the last five years – Kenya Commercial Bank and Equity Bank.
Executive Summary
This research will be about the expansion of the banking sector in east Africa. Over these years, many commercial banks have opened shop in the region while the pre existing ions have continues to expand. The paper identifies the various reason t6aht may have been the reason for this expansion. Some of them involve the introduction of various other services that may have previously not been available to clients. Some of these include branchless banking, in the form of mobile and internet and agent banking, which have been taken up by many commercial banks.
Due to proximity, the data collection method that has been used is document review. Documents that will be used for this case will be obtained from credible sources such as peer reviewed articles and documents that have originated from the concerned banks such as annual reports published by the Central Bank of Kenya. Both qualitative and quantitative data will be essential for the accuracy of the document.
Over the last five years, the banking industry has recorded tremendous growth. In the past, banks would only have major branches in main towns, but with time, they have had to open up more than one branch in areas where they previously had none. Many Kenyan branches have even dared to ex to the neighbouring countries due to increase in demand for their services. The main reason for this rapid expansion is the increased demand that has been brought about by diversified services provide by the banks.
Commercial banks in the region has strived top ensure that their services are more accessible to the public regardless of their locations and needs. For example, the quick adoption of various forms of branchless banking has seen to it that more people are registering with these banks. This paper has narrowed down to two major banks in East Africa and especially in Kenya; Kenya Commercial Bank and Equity Bank. The paper looks at the more modern methods that these two banks have adapted and the impacts that have been realised in the past five years.
Aim of the Research
To analyze the development of the two banks in the last five years and identify more possible expansion methods to give them a more international look.
Literature Review
Source 1: McKay and Pickens's article, “Branchless Banking 2010: Who's served? At What Price? What's Next? The article looks at the rapid rose of branchless banking in east Africa, most of which originated in Kenya. Te authors talk about the increase in usage of PayPal and M-Pesa services. Safaricom's mpesa has taken advantage of its popularity and success and has partnered with banks to increase its profitability and importance. An example has been given of M-Pesa and equity bank which launched M-Kesho in Kenya to facilitate the access of equity bank services through mobile phones.
Source 2: Calice, Chando and Sekioua'a article “Bank financing to small and medium enterprises in east Africa: findings of a survey in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia”. The article analyses the various ways in which banks have in the recent years have financed small and medium size businesses. They look at the advantages that these banks have realized in those years as well as the benefits that have been ...
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