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Marketing Plan Assignment: The Mountain Side Hotel (Research Proposal Sample)


DESIGN A MARKETING PLAN to strengthen the brand that The Mountain Side Hotel - AN INSTITUTION IN TH E HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY - has managed to build over years


Marketing Plan; The Mountain Side Hotel
Executive Summary
The Mountain Side Hotel is a five star hotel that has a total of three hundred and twenty five luxury guest rooms and its major specialty is in servicing clients who are in the business and corporate world. The hotel is located in downtown Manhattan New York and serves the business community and visiting clientele in this locality.
The hotels major clients are corporate clients that have been contracted from both the local and international markets and who are within the tourism and travel industry, the information technology sector and the automotive industry. What is key to the success of the hotel is the strategic position in which it is situated and the up-to-date facilities that are provided to their clients within the conference rooms and inside the guest rooms. The repeat businesses that the hotel gets on an annual basis and the high levels of customer loyalty are also factored in the high levels of success the hotel enjoys.
The hospitality industry in the country is currently undergoing a depression because of the restriction the government is making on corporate travel within the country and due to the economic meltdown all over the globe (Bonn, & Forbringer, 2012). However these challenges can be considered to be short to medium term threats, The Mountain Side Hotel has to continue focusing on the delivery of excellent and commendable services that are affordable to its clients. This will be done with intent to establish a long term relationship with customers.
As a strategy to attract more contract customers, rates for hiring rooms and conference facilities have been significantly reduced for a period of twelve months. The survival of the hotel in the current political and economic climate is based on customer loyalty to its brand and repeat corporate and business contracts. Therefore, the hotel brand has to continue delivering on its values and promises.
The intent of this marketing plan is to strengthen the brand that The Mountain Side Hotel has managed to build over years. The plan intends to cover the corporate mission, market analysis, product positioning and differentiation, competitive analysis, marketing strategy and an overview of the competition.
Corporate Connection; Mission Statement
The Mountain Side Hotel is committed to ensuring that its clients have the highest quality of service and standards. The hotel seeks to deliver its promise of quality and value above everything else. The hotel highly values its place in the community and will endeavor at all times to develop relations that protect and respect the environment.
The hotel will at all times strive to create value for all stakeholders while honoring the values entrenched in its brand and encourage its personnel to grow in a loyal and trustworthy environment.
Market research
PEST Analysis
This marketing plan intends to use the “PEST analysis” as the market tool that will help to analyze the external and environmental issues that affect the mountain side hotel.
A stable political environment that has little effect on businesses’ ability to generate revenue is suitable for the hospitality industry (Ong, 2012). However, the current restrictions that the government has placed on corporate and business travel have affected the hotel negatively even though measures are being taken to cushion its effects.
The current economic recession has had a major impact on the hospitality industry. It has led to the liquidation of smaller business oriented hotels that do not have enough resources and infrastructure to support underperforming sales (Simkin, 2014). Even though the economic situation has began to recover, it will take quite some time before fully lifting all corporate travel policy restrictions and return the travel business back to where it was three to five years ago.
There is an emerging trend that is oriented towards cost effectiveness in business travel and tourism. This trend has made clients to always seek more value for their money. The hotel’s value added differentiation strategy comes into play at this point.
Some airlines have installed “on board” room reservation systems on their aircrafts. This requires that the hotel integrates such systems in their central reservation system so as to access clients who will make reservations as they travel by air. Integration of such technology is quite costly and will require high investment levels.
Positioning & Product Differentiation
The Mountain Side Hotel has been placed as a five star hotel with its niche being business and corporate clients. This is as a result of the hotel’s dedication to provision of high quality personalized services and also as a result of its strategic position. The focus of the hotel is to offer its clients added value and to differentiate itself in its levels of personalized service. The hotel offers an experience that values and respects its clients and truly appreciates their business.
By providing high quality personalized services and maintaining state of the art facilities, the hotel has managed to differentiate itself from competitors with respect to overall brand strategy. This approach has been successful in securing multiple repeat businesses.
Competitive Analysis
SWOT Analysis
This analysis shines light on the organizations internal strengths and weaknesses and also highlights the opport...
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