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Social Media Consumption of Redkite's Services and Products (Research Proposal Sample)


The task was a research proposal looking At a company that sought to investigate social media consumption of their services and products. the paper, thus, outlines the different messages that the company uses online and seeks to look at how the company can use social media platforms to reach more people.


Research Proposal: Understanding and Engaging Audiences
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Research Proposal: Understanding and Engaging Audiences
Introduction and Rationale
Redkite is a leading childhood cancer support charity in Australia. The institution deals with diverse individuals, and aims to help people going through cancer and their families by offering free practical, financial, and emotional support. Organizations, such as Redkite have a key role to play in the community, but continually look to engage more people in the program and ensure that more people and families reach out to seek for help. Redkite is a non-profit organization and aims to give practical support for families facing with childhood cancer. Redkite is aiming to look at what motivates or demotivates people to engage with it in a variety of social channels and why. Therefore, the research primarily seeks to understand the reasons that motivates or demotivates people while also trying to understand how individuals actualize different social media channels. Therefore, Redkite wants to learn more about its impact on social media and how it can continually improve its position to reach more people and offer better services through the actualization of social media platforms.
The organization, thus, necessitates looking at the different audience profiles of its clients and what they say about the people who engage with Redkite. The focus on their profile can be pivotal in outlining their different demographics and helping understand the type of people who are mostly involved in social media contact with Redkite. The company also seeks to look at the views of the people on their preferred posts or posts that they would like or interact with more if Redkite posted them. Therefore, the research will focus on what the people feel that Redkite should post more, the kind of topics that the company should engage people with, and the different things that they should prioritize in their posts. Thus, the focus will primarily depend on the views of the public on what they would want to look at when they visit the different social media platforms of Redkite.
Additionally, the study would like to look at the obstacles that might limit engagement between the company and the public. The feat will look at the things that might limit people from engaging with the company and outlining their issues, while also outlining any incentives they feel may improve these engagements. The focus on the outlined issue can also outline the different social media platforms and which the people prefer the most. Thus, the approach can help outline the different indicators that outline the preferences of the people and that make them comfortable.
The study will depend on different media theories to explain the different findings and explain the views of the people on social media use. For starters, the uses and gratification theory argues that people or consumers use the media to satisfy specific needs and wants (Hossain, 2019). The theory, thus, plays a key role in outlining what the people would like to be posted on different social media platforms and why they feel that certain platforms still fails to motivate them to visit them or consume what is on these pages. The use and gratification theory plays a key role in outlining the needs of different people and outlining how Redkite can improve its online platform to reach its clients and heed to their diverse needs.
Conversely, the study will actualize the symbolic interactionism, a sociological theory that is developed from practical considerations. The theory argues that people live both in the natural and the symbolic environment, and hence underlining the importance of trying to understand the culture or values behind different people (Aksan & Demirbuken, 2009). The theory, thus, plays a key role in helping underlining why the people may fail to respond to certain posts online, and while they can relate with other topics. Notably, people have different reasons that influence their view on different topics. For instance, some people may be unwilling to talk about their condition in public, while others may not hold the same reservations. Therefore, it is imperative to actualize the symbolic interactionism theory to understand how and why different people respond or fail to respond to different topics on different social media platforms.
Research Objectives
The study will look to investigate Redkite’s customers’ consumption of social media content. The study actualizes social media to reach different people and to continually outline its role in reaching out to people suffering with cancer. Therefore, the study will seek to understand whether the use of social media platforms is helping the company achieve this feat. The objective will primarily depend on understanding the numbers that the company attains by using different social media platforms. Secondly, the study will also look at the number of people the company has reached through social media platforms and compare it to the number reached using other platforms, such as online marketing or physical contact with people.
The second key objective is to understand the type of content that the people engage with online. The company aims to understand the type of content that appeals to its target group, and hence it is imperative to analyze different types of content posted and look at the views of people on these contents. The outlined objective will play a key role in helping analyze the type of content enacted and trying to understand what the people would like to read or know. Notably, the company uses its social media platforms to reach numerous people. Thus, the success of the corporation’s online platform primarily depends on the response by the target audience. The objective will also pave the way for the improvement on the type of content or posts that the company will enact depending on the different feedbacks offered and the different views of the people.
Thirdly, the study will aims to outline what motivates people to engage with Redkite through different social media platform. The research will like to know what motivates or what can motivate people to engage with Redkite in different social media platforms. Therefore, it will focus on the people and try to understand them. There are people who know about Redkite but may not be engaging with the company on its online platforms. Therefore, the study can actualize this information to interview these individuals and try to learn the reasons for their reservations. Also, the research can acquire information about the ways that these people feel the company can improve or offer approaches that instigate more involvement and engagement.
Another key objective is to outline the type of posts that the company can share while paying attention to the different demographi

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