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Improving Test Scores in Elementary and Secondary Schools (Research Proposal Sample)


What can be done to improve the test scores in elementary and secondary schools. I researched on the paper using the following deliverables: better teacher training and better pay, parent participation and better funded speacial education programs


Improving Test Scores in Elementary and Secondary Schools
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Improving Test Scores in Elementary and Secondary Schools
Academic performance is subject to multivariate procedures that include several stakeholders in the education docket. Passing test scores reflects the student's academic progress, the teacher, and the school in general. Education has been observed through the prism of societal success as how development, growth, and the future of any society is born. Therefore, the problem of poor test scores in elementary/secondary schools includes better teacher training, better pay, parent participation, and better funded special education programs.
Better Teacher Training
Academic progress requires pedagogical experience and frequent training on real-world skills and knowledge that can be imparted to children in schools. The sole purpose of having teachers lies on the fact that education is a guided process that requires skilled and competent tutors who have basic knowledge on a variety of subjects such as Mathematics, languages, sciences, humanities, and life skills. The dependence on tutors to engage students on a path of recognizing their skills and developing dependent and critical thinking requires rigorous training and tutoring exposure to children's psychological nature (DeMonte, 2013). The government should create episodic professional training of teachers to create a professional development that is possible to improve the student test scores in both elementary and secondary schools.
The common core state standards were established in several states with the sole purpose of academic engineering success among students. This system, however, had complications that amounted from professional training to budgets and academic policies. These issues recur in almost all academic policies, and therefore, the government should not assume predisposed notions such as experienced teachers can teach better, but rather focus on equipping all teachers with standards and align them with the current goals of education to inflate the performance on test scores (DeMonte, 2013). Technology and globalization are revolutionizing every phase of life. Therefore, teachers must be capable of professionally teaching digital literacy, strategic knowledge, and a plethora of studies that can positively reflect test scores and the nature of learners.

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