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Computer Science Research on Windows Network (Research Proposal Sample)


Please work on these part
File Services:
• How will the shares be secured?
• Will quotas be used? FSRM be configured?
• Will DFS be implemented?
Remote Services:
• What technology will be implemented to provide secure remote access for users?
• Who should have remote access?

File server
With the evolving technology, IT help to manage storage, performs recovery, backup tasks, and manage shared folders, in data replication permission, facilitates fast file allocation and with the enhancement of retrieving the UNIX client computers. Technology advancement within Windows Server 2012, offers a new extension of services functionality with a broad range of Sysadmins features. With the concern of the file servers, the servers mainly act as the chief control of the core computer network. In the previous versions of Window Servers, all servers installed the basic file services (Panek, 2015). In the upgraded Window Server 2012 (WS2012), the default installs the storage service (FSS) and the files in iSCSI, and then the specifically configured server can be enabled as the additional service and as part of FSS.
Will quotas be used? FSRM be configured?
FSRM is set with the unification of the quotas which provides data information in Authenticated Wireless Access the new features for 802.1X in R2 Windows Server 2012
, including faster Wi-Fi with 802.11ac, and Miracast Wireless Display. FSRM enables administrators to manage and classify data in a prescribed suite of tools. The key element of FSRM can create a File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) that applies a classification policy to files. Window2008R2 had an automatic classification, but with the new WS2012 allows users to create their file manually. Furthermore, Microsoft has added a Dynamic Access Control (DAC) to support and to restrict the access to files.
Will DFS be implemented?
First, the DFS Namespace data may be spread across some unique locations due to performance and data security from the source. The DFS Namespace seems to be a single hierarchical set of folders, which is easy to manage when presented to users. However, Microsoft has added some features to WS2012 to improve its encoding performance. A set of custom Cmdlets in WS2012 develops the primary administrator for a full Power Shell to support DFS. At the same time, the administrative tool ensures a single management option improved by Microsoft in a deprecated DFS existence. DFS is implemented in such a way that network in DFS across DirectAccess is easily retrieved in DFS Namespace (Dreyer & Greisler, 2015). Also, DFS replicates files from multiple servers across the first synchronization where the amount of WAN is substantively reduced.
Remote Services:
Remote server software is utilized in manufacturers’ equipment to remote access, monitoring, repairing product in regards to the customer site (Griss & Yang, 2012). Hence, it best in security, in troubleshooting gateway in auditing service problems. In Shiv LLC, it will perform proactive maintenance, monitor performance, and users’ operational assist.
What technology will be implemented to provide secure remote access for users?
The technology implementation should ensure a proper secure remote access to offices in Huston with an excellent extensive connectivity of WAN. Installation of a communication server usually linked to firewall server to ensure data is secured and a powerful router to forward the remote access to other branches in Los Angeles from Dallas and Houston. A remote router access server may work with a modem manager where a minute number of modem pool can b...
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