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Development of Distress and Low Self-Esteem (Research Proposal Sample)


Th research proposal involved evaluating how distress and low self-esteem developed among social media users. It had to be related with similar studies carried out before. A questionaire also had to be developed to aid in develpment of future research to confirm the development of distress and low self-esteem among social media users. An outline was developed in this propsal indicating how the final study will be carried out, supported by previously carried out studies on a similar topic.


Development of Distress and Low Self-Esteem

Social media is a vital information and communication platform in the contemporary society. Emergence and proliferation of the internet, smart phones and other smart technologies has increased social media use. Teenagers are the biggest contributors to social media traffic, uploading information and creating content. The use of social media by young people has led to increased rates of social comparisons; therefore creating upward comparisons that lead distress and low self-esteem. To illustrate the hypothesis, a lab experiment involving 30 participants below the age of 25 years will be conducted. The experiment aims at convenience sampling to sample corrected data and information. Comparisons of means, regression analysis, and correlation of social media usage and the development of distress and low self-esteem will be established.
Distress and Low Self-esteem among Social Media Users
Social media usage among the young generation is widespread and has had various positive and negative repercussions. Therefore, this research paper seeks to indicate and evaluate distress and self-esteem among social media users, utilizing secondary research information to support and indicate the existence of the two factors among social media users. Distress can be described as caused pain, sorrow or anxiety. Social interaction over social media is a major cause of distress, which also affects one’s self-esteem especially among social media users. Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram are major interaction and communication platforms used by the younger generation today. The number of social media users has grown exponentially over the last two decades, since the proliferation of the internet. Social media sites allow the users to make comparisons and compete with others, which result to distress and low self-esteem (Jan, et al., 2017). It is evident that social media has various negative effects on people, regardless of their society, economic status or culture.
Jan, et al., (2020) posit that studies indicate that teenagers and youth utilize social media to link with peers and remain the most vulnerable group to experience social isolation due to lack of contact between the person and the society resulting in anxiety and depression due to excessive social media use. Psychological distress results from social comparison theory evident among the teenagers and young adults due to social identity and personal formation. Samat, et al., (2020) states that research indicates that social media is linked to mental health issues. The use of social media is connected to depression, low self-esteem, psychological distress, and anxiety among the youth. Youths lack the ability for self-regulation making them vulnerable to social media impacts and increased risks of developing mental disorders.
This paper’s major objective will be the analysis of distress and self-esteem issues caused by the social media on the users. It will utilize a mix of research and actual analysis to facilitate generation of a varied indication of distress and self-esteem issues. It will also allow one’s internalization, questioning and emergence with a confirmation on the impact of social media on one’s life. It will help the individuals realize the time and effort spent on social media and possible effects from its usage such as distress and low self-esteem.
Time and money are major constraints of this study. Therefore, 30 participants will be expected to fill out questionnaires on their experiences and interactions through social media. Dues to the shallow nature of this study, it might be limited and might not give a larger picture of the extent of distress and self-esteem issues caused by social media. All social media sites are also not included in the research, and the participants are not monitored, rather rely on their honesty and integrity to fill out the required information.
High social media usage rates result to higher distress and low self-esteem among its users.

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