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Culture Shock Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)

The task involved writing a one-page research proposal on the six stages of culture shock. I introduced culture shock and briefly introduced the six stages of culture shock. source..
Culture Shock Research proposal Culture shock is the shock one feels in a different culture. It is the frustration that one is subject to while in unfamiliar culture. It arises from the inability to carry out normal daily activities of the day. The University of California through the study abroad center categorizes cultural adjustment to four phases. The phases include: 1 Preliminary Stage 2 Initial Euphoria 3 Irritability 4 Gradual adjustment 5 Adaptation and biculturism 6 Re-entry phase The first three phases include what a culture shock is. The first phase includes basic preparation for the journey. It includes research and preparation for a cultural change. This includes consulting other people who have been in the culture. The second phase is begins with excitement and adventure. At the instant of landing in the new culture, a person will be occupied with the newness and strange norms. The person is not yet frustrated. When this phase fades off quickly, he develops the culture shock. The third phase is irritability. The phase contains frustrations since one cannot acclimatize themselves easily to the everyday aspects. A person in a different culture will be struggling to compare this culture with the home culture. The more this happens the more they will get difficulty in adapting. This research will investigate into the culture shock nature and factors that affect it (Helen Ziegler, n.d). The research will investigate accounts of people who have undergone culture shocks. It will also use the information from various government departments t gather data. Annually we have a group of students who fly into the United States t...
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