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Feasibility study Technology Research Proposal Essay (Research Proposal Sample)


writing a feasibility study on cooling and heating systems.


A Feasibility Study of Geo Thermal Heating and Cooling systems
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A Feasibility Study of Geo Thermal Heating and Cooling systems
This feasibility study was prepared for Geo Thermal Energy Company located in …….. This company is a new technology company aiming to save energy. This feasibility study tries to evaluate potential remedies which can be implemented for the Geothermal company. The goal of this project is to show that the new heating and cooling system is the most appropriate option for the Geo Thermal Company. This was determined by examining a case study of a geothermal cooling company in Iran. The study has also put in place several research on cost-benefit, simulation, and analysis of different suitable options with the current operating system. Evaluations of possible economic costs of installation and the economic and environmental benefits. This study has also examined a testing study of a USA based company which it feels it's the best option for supplying the equipment and providing services. All the possible systems were evaluated in a period of up to twenty years and their possible results. Results have shown that choosing the new heating cooling system is the best option since it will help save the company a lot of energy and also a lot of money.
Keyword: geothermal, heating and cooling system, energy
There is a big difference between geothermal heating and cooling energy and geothermal energy. First of all, the geothermal is composed of two words meaning geo-earth and thermos-energy. Geothermal energy is a natural energy which is derived from the earth’s heat. The heat is mainly generated in the earth’s core. 

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