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The Impact of Investment of Reverse Logistics Innovations on Organizational Performance (Research Proposal Sample)


this task was meant to address the topic of innovations in reverse logistics (RL) and the impacts of investing in innovative Rl. it is among my best writings on marketing


The Impact of Investment of Reverse Logistics Innovations on
Organizational Performance
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Reverse Logistics is the backward movement of inventory from the customer to the manufacturer (Mollenkopf, 2010). While it reduces the sales volumes of a firm, reverse logistics also has the potential to benefit manufacturers greatly by improving customer relationships and building loyalty (Bernon & Cullen, 2007). Investments that are required to establish efficient returns include technological and physical facilities such as warehouses, as well as the personnel that is needed to facilitate the exchange (David & Shalle, 2014; Mollenkopf, 2010). An organization performs best when customers are assured that their well-being is being considered, which is done by enabling activities of reverse logistics. Competitiveness, cost-saving, and market knowledge are some of the gains organizations make from prudent strategies of product returns (Agrawal & Choudhary, 2014). Innovations in reverse logistics are characterized by newer, more efficient strategies of handling product returns. This research proposal shall examine the cross-functional integration in businesses and how it affects production, logistics, and marketing activities. Research to be conducted will be based on qualitative methods, with interviews of managers along the chain of reverse logistics being anticipated. This paper aims to prove that cross-functional cooperation creates more efficient reverse logistics strategies and facilitates smooth organizational operations.

The Impa...
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