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Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Impact on Project Success and Team Members Work Relations (Research Proposal Sample)


Determining the impact of emotional intelligence in work places and how it contributes to project success and team members. This involved considering how emotionally intelligent leaders demonstrate a greater impact in their workplaces. The task was to follow the FUNDAMENTAL STEPS OR approaches used in writing research proposals.


Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Impact on Project Success and Team Members Work Relations
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Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Impact on Project Success and Team Members Work Relations
1.1 Introduction
Emotional intelligence has been regarded as the most significant factor in generating effective leadership, primarily when operating with teams in business organizations  (Ngirande & Timothy, 2014). Emotional intelligence entails identifying and directing an individual’s emotions together with other people’s emotions and using them to lead their reasoning and actions. A leader's knowledge regarding their team members' emotions and ability to manage them can assist them in achieving satisfaction and success in the company’s projects  (Brown, et al., 2003). Consequently, team members who look up to emotionally intelligent leaders stand a higher chance of developing satisfaction during projects. Even though significant studies on project success and good work relations exist, emotional intelligence research is still comparatively limited. Hence, the connection between leaders' emotional intelligence, project success, and work relations is less significant thus far.

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