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Approaches in Studying Tumor Microenvironment (Research Proposal Sample)


the task required me to write a proposal, highlighting various approaches that researchers can use to study tumor microenvironment in a simpler and more effective way


Tumor Microenvironment
This proposal identifies various approaches that researchers can use to study tumor microenvironment in a simpler and more effective way. The paper notes that the study of tumor microenvironment presents a big challenge for researchers, as it involves the interaction of between many and complex players. The complex nature of this microenvironment requires better techniques and approaches that can assist to study cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, abnormal physiology, and stromal composition among other types of cellular characteristics. This paper identifies different types of approaches, which include in vitro 3-dimensional matrix, animal models, and computational models.
This paper presents a solicited proposal for approaches that can be used to develop novel technologies to be used to study tumor microenvironment and related subjects. Besides, this paper attempts to highlight the appropriate applications of these modern technologies to cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as deliberation on the current challenges and the plans and direction for the technologies. The novel technologies are intended to provide quick understanding of the cellular, biochemical, molecular, and biomechanical interaction of the tumors. The interaction of the different elements of the tumor should take place within their microenvironment to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Various approaches can be used to achieve these objectives. Some of the most appropriate techniques that can be used include the development of the novel in vitro 3-dimensional matrix and organotypic models (Hanahan & Coussens p.314). Besides, computational and mathematical models can be developed and used for almost similar purposes. In addition, the real-time in vitro and in vivo imaging of methods are created to help in visualizing cells, molecules, and tumors. Cancer is not only about a collection of malignant cells but also about a sophisticated group of organs to which different cells are recruited and there are risks of potential interference with the transformed cells. This study intends to establish whether the novel 3-D invasion model can serve as an appropriate in vitro model for research of cancer cell invasion. The study also purposes to find out whether the novel 3-D invasion model can be used to test mediators or conditions of cellular migration.
Literature Review
Tumor microenvironment, which consists of various non-cancer cells and their stroma, is recognized as one of the primary factors that influence the growth and development of cancer (Trédan et al. p.1447). The role played by stromal cells in facilitating the growth of cancer is significant to the survival and development of tumor, and they are currently a major target for chemotherapeutic agents. The microenvironment is associated with various activities, such as regulating the cell growth, determination of metastatic potential and locations of metastatic diseases as well as affecting the results of therapy. It is worth to note that despite supporting cancer growth, stromal cells are rarely malignant. Research shows that various cells of the tumor microenvironment are usually dynamic and they tend to promote a tumor friendly environment at different stages of 

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