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Cancer: Synthesis Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


For our assignment, I want you to write a proposal on a topic that interests you and is new to you. I do not want you writing about a topic you have written about before in any course. I want to give you maximum freedom to let your mind roam here, but I am limiting you to a topic that is in some way related to the area of “Health and Medicine.” Your Proposal should be between 2-3 pages long and lay out a specific plan you have for developing a 10-page paper using at least 10 sources (research paper).
Your Proposal will have three distinct parts: Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion. Please use these subheadings in your Proposal. You may use the first or third person in the Proposal. I suggest you use first-person and stay with this perspective the entire time. One nice thing about the Proposal is that it is fairly short at 2-3 pages. The tough thing, though, is it almost has to be perfect in terms of sentence structure and grammar, and mechanics due to this short length.


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Cancer: Synthesis Proposal
While watching a news program on one of our popular stations last week, I heard a guest speaker talking about cancer. Cancer is a disease that is almost synonymous with everyone. I thought that the guest speaker would only give a general talk on the condition. I thought that people leading a sedentary lifestyle like the rich have a high susceptibility to having cancer. I was glued to my television and listened to the talk until the guest speaker was done. I was curious to learn more about cancer and why the disease is becoming the next pandemic in the world.
I intensively researched cancer over the internet, read various health magazines, and watched YouTube videos about the subject to enrich my knowledge. I was mesmerized to find out that cancer is not a new phenomenon. Watching Chrystia Freeland’s video in TedGlobal, “The Rise of the New Global Super-rich,” enabled me to understand the reasons why most people are unable to finance their cancer treatment. The various research scholarly research materials, journals, and news articles I engaged with during my research expanded my knowledge of cancer. Cancer is a topic of interest that affects almost everyone globally, and I will explore this subject in my research paper.
By writing about cancer as the topic for my final research paper, I will be well-positioned to garner knowledge that will ensure I have strong background information on the subject. My research will finally enable me to understand the prevalence of cancer in my country and community. My research paper will also analyze cancer in women, especially incidences of breast cancer. I am also interested in finding out the number of cancer-related deaths, as indicated by statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I also intend to research obesity-related cancer cases, causes, and risks.
The research materials used in the final paper will be obtained from books, journal articles, scholarly articles, and manuscripts on cancer. Some of the readings that will be incorporated in the paper include Jill Lepore’s It’s Spreading, Topic of Cancer” by Christopher Hitchens, Atul Gwande’s How Do We Heal Medicine, and Chrystia Freeland’s video The Rise Of The New Global Super-Rich. However, the research will not be limited to the above reading materials alone. Research materials tha

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