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498 F8-Transportation Security Research Assignment (Research Proposal Sample)




498 F8-Transportation Security
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498 F8-Transportation Security
A measure is a course or the plan taken to achieve a given target or planned purpose (Barret, Ritter and Wilson, 2006). While, security is the protection or the degree of resistance of any form from harm. Transportation security is the measures taken to all transportation models to improve securities of people, goods, and services being transported from harm. Security measures are precautions taken against espionage, sabotage or theft (Barret, Ritter and Wilson, 2006).
For example, there are some increased organized crimes, terrorism, and theft of freight and security companies that are being organized by outsiders or some of the company’s workers (Edwards and Doodrich, 2012). With the above problems, there are developed mechanisms or measures that have been put into place, for example, there are continuous training in security awareness for all employees and security personnel.
Use of modern technology like CCTV cameras and GPS tracking system have been but in place to increase the security in both transportation and logistics sector.
Also, application of government agencies and parastatals and demand for registration of all security companies in government have greatly influenced the security sectors in transportation. Finally, the use of cellular networks in transportation industries has also assisted in reducing the insecurity in the transportation sector where dissemination of information is being conveyed faster than before (Edwards and Doodrich, 2012).
The above security measures have been effective since the high number of insecurity cases that have been reported before have decreased rapidly. Although the processes of continuous improvement of security in transportation companies have been successful, there are few challenges that are hindering its success (Barret, Ritter and Wilson, 2006). For example, lack of adequate capital that prevent installation of new technologies in the corporation and increasing cases of terrorism are the major problems that hinder the development.
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