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The New King George Senior Secondary School Project (Research Proposal Sample)

This is a construction project for a school that was planning to rebuild its school TO UPDATE INFRASTRUCTURE. THE PROJECT PROVIDES AN OVERVIEW OF THE REQUIREMENTS INCLUDING STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS, TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS AND WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE. The assignment also highlights safety recomendations that will be considered during design and implementation. source..
Project management Plan for the New King George Senior Secondary School Development Executive Summary This project involves rebuilding King George Senior high school as a strategy to improve the conditions of the outdated buildings and recreational facilities. Initially, the provincial government wanted to hire a developer to update the old building with seismic protection systems but later decided to rebuild the school. However, the government decided to hand the investment to private companies to save money and evaluate whether the strategy would work. The government is also the project sponsor and has called it the cost recovery program since the government will not invest anything into the project. The private organizations will pay for the construction of the two high-rise buildings and get land footprint as compensation for their work. However, they face the challenge of housing the school in one of the high-rise buildings. Design, financing, and safety issues are some of the limitations that might derail the project or increase operational costs for the developer. Nevertheless, if the cost recovery project succeeds, the government aims to make it the primary model for other government institutions that need renovations and rebuilding. 1 Project Charter Objective * To build two high-rise buildings, one of which will house part of the secondary school * To renovate and upgrade the playing ground and the tennis court for King George School Assessing stakeholders and Investors The analysis will enable project owners and managers to determine the most influential stakeholders who understand the basics of similar projects or those who have participated in previous projects. In the case of the King George School and the British Columbia province, they must assess the local shareholders, starting with individuals and groups who might derail the project if they object to it, organizations that will fund the project, and individuals who know how to rebuild schools. Investor assessment will also be a critical part of the project. Without the investors, the project cannot commence since they will determine the level of investment for the project before agreeing with the government about the land size and rights they will get as compensation. Furthermore, the government has leveraged the vast land the school sits on to bargain and convince investors to take over the project. The provincial government seeks to use the resources it could have invested in the rebuilding of the school to facilitate other critical tasks such as road renovations and healthcare in British Columbia 2 -30480020002500Customer Identification King George secondary school is the customer and the project owner seeking a comprehensive project management plan for the upgrading and building of a new school. The school is one of Vancouver's oldest senior secondary schools, built in the 1960s. King George is also one of the most renowned public secondary schools in the area and a primary source of revenue for the provincial government. Although the school is not as huge as other private and public secondary schools in Vancouver, it has attracted students outside the West End who want to be in a smaller secondary school. The schools have also been a preferred destination for students from other areas in Vancouver whose parents want them to study further from home. The school has around 500 students, with most coming from the Western province of British Columbia, which is known for its cultural diversity. British Columbia is the most culturally rich country, which invites over 40,000 immigrants each year as a strategy for enriching the workforce and placing British Columbia as one of the most inclusive areas. The inclusiveness means that schools such as the King George senior secondary school have a high percentage of cultural diversity which requires an experienced workforce and good infrastructure to ensure that each student feel at home in the school, despite their cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, since the province respects multiculturalism as one of the elements that determine the success of schools and the education system, the King George School ensures that it respects employees and teachers based on their competencies rather than their cultures to place the school in good faith with the government. Therefore, the owner of the project is an institution that values cultural diversity and its relationship to proper infrastructure and the reason behind the motive to improve the school. Comfort for students and educators is another element that the project owner values and the reason behind constructing a new school. The outdated infrastructure might decrease students' grades since they do not feel comfortable studying in old building and other learning spaces when other Schools in the country have the latest infrastructure. Poor ventilation is one of the impacts of outdated infrastructure that have forced the school to relocate and build afresh, especially during hot summers when students cannot concentrate to rising temperatures, and Lighting is also another valuable component for the school and the province since it affects teacher's ability to tutor and student's ability to concentrate on projectors and blackboards during classes. The need for a building with updated sanitary infrastructure is also a valuable element of infrastructure that has forced the province and King George to opt for a new school to facilitate comfort and health for students and the faculty. Apart from comfortable spaces and infrastructure in the school, the development owner also values quality spaces and facilities for talent development and physical exercise. Sports and entertainment are the main areas of talent development the local educational system values and try to instill in schools to ensure that students learn about their talents with the help of professionals hired by the administration. Tennis is the leading talent development area that the King George school values; the school needs to improve the tennis court to increase its effectiveness and capacity to hold more students during exercise. One of the indicators that the project owner and the province value sports and the development of talent in the educational system are that they have refused to sell the tennis court and the grass field to the developer. Also, the school has instructed the developer to improve the tennis court and upgrade the grass field as part of the agreement that allows the developer to build the two high-rise buildings alongside the new school. Safety is a significant concern since the province has instructed the developer to ensure the safe movement of the workers and students to nearby schools. The school and the region also value the safety and well-being of residents and construction workers since they will be part of the project and determinants of its success. Residents have the power and the right to oppose the project if they feel like it might affect their health or safety; most residents are also the parents and guardians of the school. They can resist the project to guarantee the safety of students and workers, and teachers. The school and the local education department also indicate that they participate in corporate social responsibility when they insist on the safety of the residents and the commencement of an awareness campaign before the beginning of construction. The awareness campaign is meant to inform residents about the importance of the project. The campaign also tells individuals about the different ways they will benefit from the project during and after completion. One of the project's main benefits is that local construction companies might get tenders for building and supplying materials, which is part of corporate social responsibility. The construction will also increase the safety of students and create a comfortable studying environment which will contribute to improved grades. Also, the school and the province have insisted that if the new cost recovery model for the new school becomes successful, it might become the model for future infrastructure improvement projects in British Columbia. Likewise, the local government has given the private for-profit industry a chance to fully invest in the project in return for the footprint of the current school land and the permission to develop two high-rise buildings. The decision to leave the investment to private companies has indicated that the school values the contribution of local companies and their ability to invest and manage government projects in British Columbia. 3 Stakeholder analysis Stakeholder analysis is yet another critical component of the project management plan since it enables project owners to determine the most important groups and individuals to win over before the commencement of the project. The analysis also allows project owners and managers to choose the most influential stakeholders who understand the basics of similar projects or those who have participated in previous projects. For example, in the case of the King George School and the British Columbia province, they must assess the local shareholders, starting with individuals and groups who might derail the project if they object to it, organizations that will fund the project, and individuals who know to rebuild of schools. The stakeholder power grid will enable the project owners and managers to understand each stakeholder's different levels of influence and determine how to manage their expectations to reduce the likelihood of their interference with the project. Students and teachers King George students are one of the most critical stakeholders affected by the project during and after its completion. Initially, the province had planned to upgrade the current building to improve the welfare of the students, including their comfort and safety. However, the government assessed the situation and the...
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