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Research proposal on How to Stop Bullying (Research Proposal Sample)

The task was to write a research proposal on how to put a stop to bullying in school. the purpose of this sample is to showcase my skills in writing research proposals. source..
Research Proposal How can we put a stop to bullying?? My tentative thesis is: Bullying can be put to a stop by helping the bullies resolve the issues that they have such that they do not take their frustrations out on their weaker counterparts. I am familiar with this topic because I have been a bully myself, the cause of which was the challenges I was facing in life. It was thus easier to take it out on those that I saw as weak and vulnerable in my surroundings especially school. Getting into music became my outlet that enabled me to vent out my frustrations without physically or emotionally hurting anyone else. My interaction with bullies and former bullies has shown me that a suitable but productive outlet actually works. This is by shifting the focus of the bully on something else that is of import to him/her that deter them from bullying. I have read various articles on the effects of bullying on the lives of the victims, with some even committing suicide. Also, my professor has explained to me that bullying happens mostly to minorities in any social situation. Whether it is a handful of Caucasian kids in a school where the majority of students are African-American, bullying is still likely to take plac...
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