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Interview Argumentation Letter (Resume Writing Sample)


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1320 Forest Drive,
Palo Alto, CA94309,
25 January, 2013.
Keith B Alexander,
National Security Agency,
9800 Savage Rd Fort Meade,
MD 20755, United States.

Dear Sir,
In the recent past, the country has witnessed an increased insurgence in the number of people killed by the use of firearms. This has been a common trend for the past six months. The number of people who own firearms in the country has also gone up considerably. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, it is estimated that the number federally licensed firearms dealers is estimated to be 129,817. This can explain the reason as to why it is so easy to obtain a gun in the country. This figure is also complemented by the fact that in 2010 an astonishing 5,459,240 fresh firearms were manufactured out of which an estimated 95% were for the local firearms market (Bureau of Alcohol).
Unlike other resources that get used up or perish, guns do not go away. A gun manufactured in the early 19th century, could be very effective in the execution of crime. A good example of this is the rifle which was used in 2009 at the Holocaust Museum to commit murder and it was very effective despite the fact that it was nearly 100 years old. Firearms in the country can easily be bought as long as a person does not have a criminal record and has not been deemed mentally inept (Goldberg). Out of the 16,454,951 background checks that were conducted by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in the year 2010 for potential firearms purchases, only a paltry 0.48% requests were turned down (System).
These figures are pointers to the predicament waiting to blow up in our faces. In light of this situation, it would be my proposal that more stringent measures are put in place governing eligibility to own a firearm. It should not only be on the basis of personal and mental behavior, but rather strict federal checks on individuals buying guns should be undertaken. This will help reduce the number of people obtaining firearms while they are not in a position to maintain them
According to Jeffrey, the 1994 ban which was imposed on the sale of semi-automatic firearms and expired in 2004 should be renewed. This will help reduce such crimes as the Aurora shooting which sent the country into a shock. These guns, which are military like, are even owned by young 18 year olds. This should be coupled with passing of a legislation to curb gun sales through the internet, gun shows where federal checks are not conducted. This legislation should also address informal sales that take place between buyers and sellers (Goldberg).
Perhaps the modest way to deal with this issue would be to reduce on the number of firearms being produced for the civilian market. Through this measure, argues Jeffrey, the number of people owning guns could be controlled on a long term basis. Although the current number of citizens who own guns currently is too large, with between 200-300 million weapons in private possession, efforts could be made to educate the citizens on the use of guns and reasons why stricter laws should be passed to ensure that the gun indust...
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