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Finding Kyle XY (Speech Presentation Sample)


Speech on the relevance of having Kyle XY series back on air


Finding Kyle XY
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Finding Kyle XY
Question one: Speech on Kyle XY
Internal Summary
Question two: Article on Kyle XY
Finding Kyle XY
Question one: Speech on Kyle XY
The sudden cancellation of the Kyle XY series by the ABC Family disappointed many fans who up to date feel that they should have the opportunity to watch episode four
Albeit the reduction in viewership of the television program, the fan base of the film has overwhelmingly grown with research indicating a higher number of viewers globally. This increase in the number of fans is worth responding to by introducing season four of the series.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to this short presentation on the idea of finding Kyle XY. Just as Kyle would put it, the path we travel is uncertain. Sometimes it is smooth and sometimes it full of bumps, but if we are fortunate, we find people to journey with us (KYLE XY QUOTES). So was the sudden ending of the Kyle XY series and we, the fans believe that through campaigns and awareness creations, we will one day have one of the world’s best television shows back on our screens
ABC Family should consider producing and airing the fourth and probably the last season of Kyle XY.
The Kyle XY TV series bases on strong moral and Science-fiction elements, which saw it gain universal acceptance, by all races and age groups. The film gave limelight ABC Family through its many fans, and this led to increased adverts for the Family leading to higher profit margins. The ABC Family however, decided to cancel the production of the film on grounds of a high cost of production and reduced number of fans, a situation that arose from the strike of the film writers and producers.
The film, Kyle XY was very popular among different age groups and races, and this saw it draw large number of viewers who tuned in during its time. The increase in the number of fans led to increase in the number of adverts received by the ABC Family television, and later increase in the company’s profit margin. The broadcasting of the film was helpful to many people ranging from the writers, producers and casts who earned living from the employment offered by the film industry. Viewers also benefited from the entertainment provided by the film.
The film focused on instilling good morals to the society, according to Julie Plec in an Interview with the ABC Family, the writer of the film, the end of the movie would portray Kyle as a completely good person who aims to help the needy and push for conflict resolution in the war-torn areas. Kyle would also invent new environmentally friendly energy sources. Raising awareness in Environmental conservation and kindness to other people is a very important factor in the current world and films promoting such ideas are worth television so that many people can understand the effects of civil wars and environmental degradation.
Internal Summary
Decision to cancel the production and broadcast of Kyle XY television series was a business decision taken by the ABC Family to cut on losses experienced after the reduced number of viewers. Strike by the writers led to inconsistencies in the film episodes and saw many fans lose interest, considering that the company was spending large sums of money in production of the film with no appreciable increase in the number of followers, the family opted for other cost-effective programs. This is how the journey to full self-realization by Kyle ended.
In wrapping this message, I wish to stress on the importance of the film such as the moral teachings to our society and the financial aspect. It is clear that the reason behind the cancellation of the film was the profitability issue. I wish to let all of you that the big suspense created by the sudden cancellation of the Kyle XY series gave it more fame than it did earlier, both within and outside the boundaries and resumption in its production will earn the company more viewers than before (Dallas, 2009).
In the words of Kyle, it is possible to find satisfaction even in the darkest of times, but only if turn on the light. I take this opportunity to urge the ABC Family to consider bringing back Kyle XY. Thank you for listening and be blessed.
Question two: Article on Kyle XY
Kyle XY is a television series produced by ABC Family in America, it highlights the story of a teenage boy who awakens in the middle of a forest and experiences memory...
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