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Mini Speech: The Catholic Church and LGBT Rights (Speech Presentation Sample)


The task was to WRITE a mini-speech on the take of the catholic church on LGBT rights. the mini-speech would focus on already researched beliefs or takes of the catholic church on LGBT rights in the past and the modern world. Questions answered include whether or not the catholic church has changed its stand. If so, what is the current stand of the catholic church regarding LGBT rights? The word requirement for the speech was 200 words.


Mini Speech: The Catholic Church and LGBT Rights
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Mini Speech: The Catholic Church and LGBT Rights
My speech will focus on the relationship between the LGBT community and the Catholic church. The LGBT community, for the longest time, has been rejected by religions and religious institutions, with most associating it with evil practices. These beliefs are associated with the earlier association of homosexuality with the mental disorder under the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders. This was later struck off the manual in 1987. The Catholic church has been associated with a strong and strict position against the LGBT. This position taken by the church is highlighted by Pullella & Szymanska (2022), who explains that the Catholic church gives that the sexual behaviour associated with the LGBT community goes against the church's doctrine. However, the Catholic church continues to advocate for equality and human rights, emphasizing that despite being against these practices, the church stands firmly to support 

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