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A Speech Assignment Of Two Pages: My Dog Pet (Speech Presentation Sample)



My Dog Pet (Cookie)
People have different views on pets. Moreover, people keep different kinds of pets in there homes ranging from dogs, cats, others even keep dangerous pets like the monkeys or even crocodiles. In my case I have never been friendly to any kind of a pet. I have been grown in an area where we don't keep dogs as pets. As I have been growing, I haven't been exposed to pets. This made me not to grow that friendship with pets or have any interest of keeping my own pet. For my case, I have never had the love of pets orhave I ever grown interest in keeping one. I have been so allergic to pets and more so dogs.
It came to this that I acquired a small dog by impulsion because it was so cute. I had made a firm decision never to keep a pet but it came abruptly that I met the little cute dog. I purchased it but still was not satisfied to keep it in my house when i thought of the care it needed and how to raise it. After sometime I named my little pet Cookie. Actually the name suited the dog since it seemed so friendly to me but on my side I never felt so happy with it. So it came to this point when I decided to give it out to the others since I felt so allergic to it whenever I came across it. I had made my mind not to keep it at all but a second thought crossed my mind which suggested i keep Cookie instead of giving him out to the others. It was a troubling issue to choose between the decisions either to keep him or to give him out. Finally, I looked at him and so how innocent he looked and also how friendly he was to me amd decided to keep him on my side. It was a serious issue fixing myself to stay with a pet a case which I had never done before. Also I didn't know how to handle him at first then I adapted as time went by. I can say am happily and proudly living with Cookie at home. I have fully adjusted and adapted to staying with a pet. Actually as I talk, Cookie my pet is one of the most treasured possessions I have right now and I can't imagine losing him. I feel my live complete with that my cute pet.
It's true t...
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