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Failing Is Not Being a Failure: My Short-Lived Marriage (Speech Presentation Sample)


You will have to complete a sample essay on one of the two topics. It should contain 275-350 words, and be formatted according to the indicated formatting style. The file with your sample essay should be uploaded in doc / docx / pdf format (no handwritten essays are accepted).
If you have any questions or want to change the sample essay topic,
Select one of the following topics and indicate it in your sample essay:
1. How does overcrowding affect human beings?
2. We all fail. Write about one time when you failed to realize your goal and what lessons you learned from it
Format the text according to the following formatting style: MLA


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Failing Is Not Being a Failure: My Short-Lived Marriage
When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock last night at the Oscars for joking about his wife’s alopecia, it reminded me of my failed marriage. I thought growing up as the only black child in a predominantly white neighborhood adopted by a white family taught me all I needed to survive tough times. However, it did not. None of it prepared me for being married at 22 to a 24-year-old black young man with a drinking problem and gang affiliations.
Jerome and I first met at the local bowling alley. As the only two black kids in the neighborhood, we quickly hit it off. Soon after, I found myself in a more serious relationship than even the one I had with my adopted parents. Accordingly, when Jerome proposed to me eight months later, I said a resounding yes. However, it was not long before all hell broke loose. One night, about three months into our marriage, I found hotel receipts in his bomber jacket pockets, gang-affiliated paraphernalia, and a gun. Like any sane woman, I confronted him about it. He responded by going off on me and hitting me! An hour later, our apartment was crawling with police, but luckily, he had a permit for the gun. At this moment, I knew our marriage was done. I had failed in my goal of being a married woman raising a family, and growing old with my husband. The pain of it nearly broke me.
If my ill-fated marriage taught

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