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Android Operating System And Its Advantages Over iOS (Speech Presentation Sample)


android operating system and its advantages over ios

Phone – Android
Android application development
Android is an operating system that runs some smart-phones. The operating system, which is based on Linux kernel (Burnette 27), was originally developed by Android Inc. but Google purchased it later. Most of the apps that run on Android have been developed by Google and other third-parties which include businesses, individuals, and organizations. All android phones from different manufacturers are the same; the only thing that differentiates them is system apps. Every phone has its system apps that come with the phone (Burnette 31). Manufacturers put these system apps to distinguish their products. The Android Inc Company intended to develop an advanced application for the digital cameras. However, as they progressed, they realized that to advance the cameras were much restricted, so they decided to develop a new operating system to compete with Symbian and Windows phone (Burnette 193). However, the company later became bankrupt, and Google took advantage of this by continuing with their innovation.
Android app development is the process of developing or creating new applications for android phones. The android phones are created using the Software Development Kit (SDK) (Vogel 3). Programming languages are used by the developers during the development and implementation of the new Android application. However, some programmers may use other computer programming languages to develop these applications. The software development kit in Java includes a set of comprehensive tools that such as the debugger, libraries, handset emulators, and some sample codes (Vogel 3).
The SDK was made fully supportive of Android applications in March 2015. This was made possible because of the use of some specialized java tools. During the same year, Google made Android Studio to be the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE), after downgrading the Eclipse, which was initially the accepted IDE. However, some programmers may still use Eclipse than the Android Studio for their convenience. Furthermore, developers use any text editor to edit any Java file then use any command line to either create, built or debug any Android application.
In android application development, the developers will use a toolkit called Android Debug Bridge (ADB). ADB is a toolkit that is within the Android SDK which consists of both the client and the server-side programs that will always communicate with each other. Android Debug Bridge is always accessed through the command line interface. For compatibility, the libraries that have been written in other programming languages such as C or C ++, they can be installed using an Android Native Development Kit (AND). This kit makes the libraries to be easily called from a Java code that is running under the Delving Virtual Machine.
Since 2008, Android phones have been having dramatic updates of their features and the nature of their operating system. The new updates have also helped the company to fix the detected limitations of the previous version of the released phones (Vogel 51). Each Android version released is named in alphabetical order after a dessert or a sugary treat like Donut and Cupcake (Burnette 12). Android company released Android one in 2014, which now consisted of a set of hardware reference model that was very important in that it created the platform for the creation of high-quality phones at a relatively low cost. The Android default user interface is based on the fact of direct user manipulations such as using the touch inputs that directly corresponds to real-world applications such touching of the screen, swiping of the screen or zooming on the screen through pinching.
Android phone over the Apple phone
At the moment, Android is better than the Apple phone. Some of the reasons are as discussed below.
1 Micro SD Card support: the android phone is in a better position for to support more storage because users can easily mount the SD Card and create more room for storing photos and document. However, even with the latest 64 GB iPhone, some user...
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