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Government Concern About Education Funding (Speech Presentation Sample)


The task was to write a 500-word speech in which the Arizona state governor announces his decision whether to enforce these cuts or retract them—in other words, to support increased funding for higher education, or to stand by cutting state spending on it from an economic perspective. The title of the speech was to be determined by the writer and be in MLA format.


Government Concern About Education Funding.
Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Arizona state citizens, good evening! It is my pleasure to stand before you this evening so as to address your concern on our expected budget gainers and losers. As announced earlier, the government has decided to cut off the funding for education by 20% of last year’s budget. However, I would like to inform you that this is not meant to deny our children education as our constitution is very clear on this. Instead, it is meant to reduce the burden for you the taxpayers and voters of this state.
If you can remember, our last year’s budget was very high. The burden of ensuring the economic balance was thus transferred to you the owners of this state. The prices for basic and luxurious goods shot very high. Also, the government had to go for external and internal borrowing so as to compensate for the deficient budget. It is obvious that everybody here knows the consequences of borrowing. Borrowing comes inform of a loan which has to be paid with an interest and the question goes; where do we get the money to repay yet we cannot sustain our budget? It is thus clear that you the citizens will have to take part in repaying the loans. This comes indirectly as you will find the gasoline man has raised the prices and the same goes to shopping malls and every service provision and purchase of goods.
However, fellow citizens, I pose this question to you; what will happen if our children are not educated? It is clear that the first consequence is we will not be having any labor force in our state. This comes with the implication that we will have to import labor force to work in our industries. We will pay them salaries and these people will only contribute less into our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). They will spend less in our state and invest in their own states. Our state thus remains stagnant in development and ever lingering in debts.
Secondly, with less education, our technological innovations and advancements will always lag behind till we borrow it from others. We will lack engineers in our infrastructure developmen

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