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Security Preparedness For The 2017/2018 Christmas & End Of Year Festivities (Speech Presentation Sample)


prepare a speech for end year to be read by your commander to the local press

  THE KENYA   POLICE service
          MERU COUNTY POLICE HEADQUARTERS.   PRESS BRIEFING.   TOPIC: “SECURITY PREPAREDNESS FOR THE 2017/2018 CHRISTMAS & END OF YEAR FESTIVITIES”.           INTRODUCTION. Ladies and gentlemen, members of the press, welcome to Meru county police headquarters for this security briefing on the state of police preparedness in providing security during the Jamhuri day celebrations and end of year celebrations which include and not limited to Christmas day and 2018 New Year’s Day.   First and foremost, I would like to commend all the security agencies in Meru County foe all the hard work that they have put that has ensured that 2017 is drawing to a close without very serious cases of insecurity occurring. I also want to thank individuals, members of the public, state and non-state institutions who have offered their cooperation that has enabled the police to effectively carry out their function of providing security.   POLICE PREPAREDNESS. As the end of year festivities approach, we appreciate the fact that we the police need to be well prepared and be more vigilant. This is due to the fact that there shall be a lot of movement of people and traffic, celebrations, events and festivities. This will also correspond with likely increase in cases of insecurity and probable increase in road traffic accidents. In respect of the above, we intend to do the following in order to boost security in Meru County during this end year season;  
1)    The police will conduct more patrols in all towns and centers within Meru County. We shall also deploy more police officers who shall patrol and guard churches, mosques, shopping malls, markets, bus stages and other places of gathering. 2)    All important installations such as power stations, communication towers, hospitals, police stations, government offices and others will be well guarded by the police. 3)    All residential estates, public ways and neighborhoods shall be well patrolled. 4)    All public gatherings and parks will be monitored by the police. (We also urge the public to adhere to the legal provisions of seeking police permits before they hold any public meetings so that police provides them with security.) 5)    2017 JAMUHURI DAY CELEBRATIONS will go on as planned. Security will be beefed up to enable all members of the public to attend theses celebrations all over Meru County. 6)    Regular security checks along the major highways to ensure that any potential terrorists including Al-shaabab or any other criminals are apprehended.
It has been previously observed that there occur increased cases of road accidents during the end of the year in our major roads. This is usually occasioned by increased movement of people who usually travel back to their homes to be with their families during this season. Therefore, the police have resolved to prevent increase of road accidents as follows;
  1. All drivers who over speed will be arrested and charged. Police will make use of speed guns on all highways in Meru county to arrest any person who over speeds.
  2. All drivers who overload their vehicles and any excess passengers will be arrested and charged.
  3. Police shall make use of ALCOBLOW to apprehend any drunk drivers and motorcyclists.
  4. All boda boda operators who are known to be notorious in carrying excess passengers shall be arrested and charged.
  5. No vehicle that is not allowed to operate Public Service Vehicle (PSV) within Meru County will be detained. Only designated PSVs (or licensed) vehicles shall be permitted to operate.
  6. All motorists found to have flouted any traffic rules will be arrested and charged before court.
Areas of Meru that border Isiolo County in particular IGEMBE NORTH has in the past observed cases of banditry and cattle rustling. Occasionally people from Samburu, Borana and Turkana communities have been making incursions and robbing residents of Igembe of their Livestock. During this festive season, our surveillance has been increased. More joint patrols that shall involve a team composed of regular police, administration police, General Service Unit, Kenya Police Reservists and Anti-Stock theft Unit will be conducted.  
Even as the police strive to secure t...
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