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Endangered Species of Alska Social Sciences Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


The task was to write a speech outline for a target audience of your choice. The sample paper is a speech outline for addressing the issue of bison as the most endangered animal species in alaska. The target audience is native alaskans.


Endangered Species in Alaska
Speech purpose: The Speech's primary goal is to sensitize Native Alaskans who still reside in Alaska about the endangered species and how their extinction could affect the ecosystem. The Speech intends to address the audience using recent research articles on endangered species and protect them.
Target Audience: Native Alaskans are the audiences of this Speech. There are two types of Alaskans, fully practicing their traditions and the educated ones who live a mixed life in Alaska. The intention is to address the two types of Native Alaskans and how each can contribute to the protection of endangered species. 
Speech Location
Since most Native Alaskans rarely leave Alaska, it will be my task to travel to Alaska and locate a public institution such as a school for the Speech. It would also be a good idea to inform the local leaders about the meeting to gather the audience. 
Attention Getter: The punch line to the Speech will involve a question posed to the audience about the bison as an endangered animal species that affect the landscape and the ecosystem. The attention-getter will attract the audience's attention by showing them that the Speech affects their daily lives and their future as Alaskans. 

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