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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
Statistics Project
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Anlysing Spreadsheet (Statistics Project Sample)


Spreadsheet analysis


Analysis Spreadsheets
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Analysis Spreadsheets
Analysis 1 Total Sales Chart
The total sales chart depicts a graphical representation of total sales that are made in twenty one countries. Each country’s sales contribution to the total sales are represented in the graph in US dollars. It can be depicted that the United States and Germany contributed a bigger share to the total sales that were made as a result of excellent performance of goods originating from these two countries and the long-term customer loyalty that attracts and retains consumers of such products. Sales volumes are not affected by discount levels. This is because there is no correlation between the level of discount and the sales volume of each of the products being analyzed. However, the 0% sales discount seems to be more effective than other discount levels of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%. This is because the sales made at 0% discount level have got more values in sales. The total sales chart indicates proportions of sales in terms of US dollar values spread across the 21 analyzed countries.
When the sales are analyzed with respect to time, it indicates that a high number of sales were made in June by Germany and the USA, having sold a total value of $244,640.63 and $263,566.98 respectively. Sales levels also peaked marginally in September and early October. This was made owing the increase in sales by Austria and Brazil, having recorded sales of $139,496.63 and $114,968.48 respectively, as highlighted in the sales per salesperson table below. Sales were the lowest in the year in January and late November due to low sales by Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, and Portugal. This is attributable to poor performance of those products manufactured in those countries. Fuller contributed the greatest percentage of the total sales, having contributed 50% to the total sales. It was followed by Suyama with 22% of the total sales and thirdly by Davolio at 8% of the total sales.
Total sales for all the countries amounted to $1,354,458.59. The best performing countries include the United States, which sold US-made products worth a value of $263,566.98, which represents a 19.5% contribution to the total sales. The US made products were closely followed by German-made products, having sold 18.1% of the total global sales documented. This amounted to the equivalent of $244,640.63 given its diverse products. The third best performer was Austria, whose products fetched a value of over $139,496.63, representing a 10.3 contribution to the total sales. The lowest performing nations were Poland, Norway, and Argentina. These nations contributed 0.3%, 0.4%, and 0.6% respectively; this amounts to $3,531.95, $5,735.15, and $8,119.10 respectively. There is a large disparity between the three best performing countries and the three lowest performing countries given the big gap of almost 19.2% of the total sales value, representing a value of $260,056.05.
Total Sales Chart
Based on the above analysis of sales per salesperson and sales per country, the company should adopt aggressive marketing strategies in a bid to improve its sales levels. The sales per country analysis indicates that German-made products are doing pretty well in terms of sales. Greater resources should be allocated with regards to developing policies that are aimed at retaining the number of customers in this market segment. Key aspects amongst these policies include establishment of sales promotion policies such as cash promotions and product promotions that are aimed at improving customer retention levels. Also, improving sales in low-performing countries will require a shift in the company’s marketing strategies with regards to attracting and retaining new customers. More emphasis should be put on the productivity of goods with a view to attracting new customers who are not aware of the products being sold, especially if they are being sold in a new market segment.
Based on salespersons performance analysis, the company will have to come up with targets that must be achieved by salespersons in different countries. This can be attained by setting up a baseline for evaluating the sales performance and making it compulsory for salespersons within the set baseline to adhere to the baselines or risk losing their jobs. Specific commendations should be directed towards the best performing salespersons in order to motivate them so that they can deliver. For instance, Fuller contributed $1,771,749.26 to the overall company sales, this represents at least 50% of the total sales. Poorly performing sales persons such as King, Buchanan, and Callahan should be encouraged to improve their sales performance. Poor performance of such personnel may be influenced by personal reasons such as language barriers. Thus, the company should consider undertaking a personnel reshuffle in these market segments.
Analysis 2 Total Sales Orders Chart
The sales orders chart gives an analysis of total sales orders per country from August 2004 to June 2006. It graphs the country of sales order per total sales orders. The United States leads with the highest number of orders, having 352 orders, then being followed by Germany with 328 orders and Brazil with 203 orders. These high numbers of orders were influenced by aggressiveness of the sales personnel in these markets in addition to excellent performance of products from these countries. Countries like the United Kingdom, France, and Austria had a moderate number of orders. The total sales orders for these countries were 135, 184, and 125 respectively. The number of sales orders was lowest in countries like Switzerland with 52 orders, Spain with 54 orders, Portugal with 30 orders, Poland and Norway with 16 orders, Denmark with 54 orders, and Argentina with 34 total sales orders.
Total Sales Order Chart

Therefore, the company should allocate more resources towards those countries in which the sales orders are not performing well in line with the company’s standards. Given that Norway, Poland, and Portugal only contributed at least 1% to the total sales amount, specific customer research should be conducted in these markets so as to determine causes of these lower sales levels. The United States and Germany contributed the biggest chunk of the grand sales count, contributing 16% and 15% respectively. The company should ensure that the sales orders with respect to these two countries are maintained and possibly improved. Specific preference should be given to US-made and German-made products by ensuring that the marketing strategies are aimed at increasing the number of sales orders in these specific markets. This is because the US- and German-made products contributed 352 and 328 accordingly to the total sales orders with respect to the country of sales orders.
Analysis 3 German Products Chart
This chart is a representation of the number of German-made products sold against the overall number of German-made products. The chart analyzes 20 German-made products based on a scale of 0 to 20. Lakkalikari Count and Outback Lager Count are the top most performing German-made products given that the number of such products sold reached the maximum rating of 20. A total number of 404 products of Lakkalikari Count was sold at a price of $6,786. Outback Lager Count sold 416 products at a value of $5,925. These two products performed excellently in the market, outsmarting the rest owing to the increased brand presence in the markets, better marketing strategies in place, and improved customer loyalty due to years of better performance and quality.
The German products chart further indicates performance of eighteen other brands. This was made by comparing the number of German-made products against the quantity of German-made products that were sold. This is important as it highlights performance of such products in terms of what is being produced in the market, originating obviously from Germany, against the percentage that is being bought by final customers in various international markets. Rhunbreu Klosterbier Count sold 392 products at a price of $2,870.60, being closely followed by ThÙringer Rostbratwurst Count and Wimmers Gute Semmelkneadel Count at fourth position. Chocolade Count, Laughing Lumberjack Lager Count, and Schoggi Schokolade Count were the poorest performers in terms of sales, having sold 94, 109, and 105 products respectively. Moderate performers were the likes of Nord-Ost Matjeshering Count, Original Frankfurter Count, Perth Pasties Count, and Spegesild Count, which sold 301, 236, and 221 products respectively.
German Products Sold Chart

From the above analysis, it can be recommended that the company focuses more on the sale of German-made products given a high price that they return. Specific focus should be directed towards the sale of Lakkalikari Count and Outback Lager Count products, which generated more value in sales in comparison to other German-made products, thus assuring investors of good return on sales. This is because the two products contributed to at least 4% each of the total sales value as compared to 1% contributed by the lowest performer Chocolate Count. The company should undertake an important market analysis exercise to determine reasons why some of the German-made products performed poorly in the market with a view to coming up with proper marketing strategies to alleviate such poor performance.
What-If Scenario Analysis
If 60% of the sales are made at the highest price possible of $263.50, then the sales revenue of...
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