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Regression Analysis: Students Enrollment (Statistics Project Sample)


Data set was given and the following were the instruction:
Conduct regression analysis
draw conclusions
Plot the results from stata
Below are the conclusions:
The relationship between students’ enrollment in higher education institutions and cost of boarding and rooms in dollars is positive. That is, the more the higher the cost of boarding, the higher the number of enrollments. From the regression line, an additional one dollar on the cost of boarding results into an additional enrollment of 18 students.
On the other hand, the relationship between the government spending on higher education in billion dollars and students’ enrollment in higher education institutions is negative. In other words, in government spending on higher education results into a decrease in the number of student’s enrollment. According to the coefficient obtained in this study, an increase in government spending by one billion results into a decrease into a decrease in students’ enrollment by 1060. However, the analysis presented herein did find this relationship statistically significant.


Regression Analysis
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Regression Analysis
Evidence suggests that the rate of student’s enrollment in higher education institutions in the United States depends on various factors (Bailey & Dynarski, 2011). Some of the factors that have been suggested to have an influence on the students’ enrollment rate are level of income, cost of tuition, amount spent on boarding and the government expenditure on higher education in the United States. Many research hypotheses have suggested that families’ level of income affects the rate of enrollment in higher learning institutions. According Haycock, Lynch & Engle, (2010), students from low-income families do not apply to some of the institutions that they have qualified for.

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